Red Tiger Goes Mafioso With 5 Families Slot

By Ben Hamill - August 24 2020

Red Tiger Goes Mafioso With 5 Families Slot

Online casino games giant Red Tiger Gaming has just released the variety of slot that will be remembered not only for its potential to award massive wins, but also for its old-time casino theme and interactive 1930s mafia experience. Red Tiger’s 5 Families slot is after all based on the likes of John Gotti and Vito Corleone and Al Capone – mafiosos that have captured people’s imaginations since the turn of the previous century.

The scene, too, is perfectly set. Red Tiger invites the player into a dark and cigar-ed up casino, complete with a newspaper informing the 5 crime bosses of the latest news on the streets, stacks of casino chips and money-rolls and playing cards, a tumbler of bourbon, and a briefcase full of cold hard cash. The heads of each of the 5 Families are there too, with each mafioso dressed in a different colour suit.

Played on 5 reels, the game features 10 fixed paylines, a special VIP Room feature, multipliers, and maximum winnable jackpot of 1,000x the player’s original bet.

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Bets And Rewards

The minimum bet starts out at only $0.10 for a spin of the reels - and going all the way up to a maximum of $100. This means that the maximum winnable jackpot is a thrilling $100,000, which definitely isn’t small-change, not even in a big-crime boss’s books. And since the slot’s volatility rating is medium, it isn’t all that hard to land a train of consecutive wins.

This is a particularly good thing too, as in order to trigger the 5 Families bonus feature, or VIP Room bonus game, a total of five bullets must be added to the chamber of a revolver. Each winning spin constitutes a single bullet, and once 5 consecutive wins have landed, and the revolver’s chamber loaded to maximum capacity, the player is instantly transported to that room in the casino typically reserved exclusively for the biggest of spenders only.

VIP Room Special Feature

The VIP Room feature is essentially a multiplier-based bonus game. For as long as the player is able to keep those wins coming fast and hard, all wins are boosted by a super 5x multiplier. The feature will remain activated until such time as 5 consecutive losing spins have occurred, at which point the player will be transported back to the original base-game screen. The VIP Room bonus feature can be re-triggered.

5 Families is a beautifully themed online slot, complete with an attention to detail as only Red Tiger Gaming can.

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