Oryx Gaming Embraces Gamification

By Ben Hamill - February 13 2020

Oryx Gaming Embraces Gamification

Gamification: morning, noon and night. Oryx Gaming is fully intent on going the whole hog Sunday-through-Monday on gamification and says that it plans on achieving this via its Bragg Gaming Group’s brand-new player engagement platform. It used to be a case of merely “knowing your player” but according to Oryx this is no longer good enough and furthermore hasn’t been cutting the mustard for quite some time.

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Customer lifetime value and ultimate player engagement is the key to success and sustainability; let alone longevity; in an ever-changing and viciously competitive global market. It’s no good to think that quality games will be enough to keep’em coming, said Oryx Gaming CEO Matevz Mazij by way of official press release. The need for player engagement of a very focused variety cannot be ignored any longer; at least not by anyone banking on remaining relevant in modern-day entertainment and gaming times.

Give Them What They Want

Players want bonuses, they want big-money spins, they want to win and they want to have a grand time doing so. And the secret behind determining all of this as well as the perfect implementation balance by which to achieve full-focus gamification? Why, big data, of course.

Big data is what drives Oryx Gaming’s Bragg player engagement platform. Big date reliant on specific player engagement, that is. The system provides specific methods of engaging with players on a variety of mediums, including social media as well as via traditional contact methods like sms and email. But what ultimately happens is that the player’s interest in the products is not only piqued, but also eager to give valuable feedback. One is perfectly inclined to talk about that which is most enjoyable, after all.

Looking To The Future

And its this feedback, coupled with player behaviour data, that provides to Oryx the type of information that many others are willing to pay big bucks for. Knowing how to regain a player’s business; not unlike knowing how to hold on to a customer traditional business; is directly linked with the knowledge that is at hand, in this case knowledge about the player.

Criss-cross hit and miss is no longer good enough and is obviously a severely flawed approach. The new platform is therefore the exact opposite of fishing with a shotgun as its no longer good enough to try to guess what the next move should be with a specific player in mind. Gamification is the future of online gaming and thanks to Oryx, the future awaits.

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