NetEnt Teases Upcoming The Wolf’s Night Slot

By Ben Hamill - September 25 2019
NetEnt Teases Upcoming The Wolf’s Night Slot

We’re yet again heading towards an exciting time of the year. The holidays, and especially the time around Halloween is prime new game development time and this year is already shaping up to be no different. NetEnt, for one, has just announced that it will be releasing its new The Wolf’s Night slot right on time for all hallows eve.

The official release date is 24 October and the pre-release teaser promises a right fill of classic horror and spook. The two and a half-minute long video lets us in on just enough to make for goose bumps and a good old crawl of the creep up the spine. And judging by the smidgen of information that NetEnt has decided to treat us to beforehand, The Wolf’s Night is going to rank right up there with the best of the developer’s past releases.

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This Is No Fairy Tale Wolf Story

When thinking Big Bad Wolf, do not think Riding Hood or cute little piglets. NetEnt’s brand of scare is in a league of its own and isn’t even remotely fairy tale. Also, brace yourself for not one Big Bad Wolf, but an entire pack. Not that one of the fright-instilling creatures wouldn’t have been able to pull off the scare trick all on its own!

NetEnt has opted in on creating a pre-release mystery instead of a full-on tease and as such, not too much is revealed about the more intricate details of the game. Even so, the developer did part with just enough information about what we may expect in terms of special features and bonus games to keep us interested and eager to save the date.

Becoming The Predator

The Wolf’s Night will unfold on a standard 5 x 3 slot grid and will feature a Free Spins round as well as a Pick-and-Click bonus feature game. There will be a wild symbol and there will be multipliers too. Surprisingly enough, the player won’t exactly be there to save the day, as is the case in so many other superb and storied slots.

There will be no camaraderie to be had from the 18th Century village or its frightened residents because we, the players, will be the ones doing the stalking. So if you’ve ever fantasised about what it must be like to howl at the full moon and run with the pack until the sun comes up, afraid of nothing and your only concern being where your next lip-smacking meal will be coming from, NetEnt’s The Wolf’s Night will be your chance to finally life the fantasy!

And then of course there’s also the bit about winning a load of cash and all that.

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