NetEnt Launches Live Perfect Blackjack

By Ben Hamill - October 03 2019

NetEnt Launches Live Perfect Blackjack

NetEnt has done it again on the industry pioneer front, and this time round it will be Blackjack fans enjoying the fruits of the award-winning developer’s labour. Over the course of some recent months the iGaming brand has ventured full on into the world of live casino entertainment, and the latest game to emerge from its award-winning production line is none other than Perfect Blackjack.

NetEnt first let the industry in on the secret at February’s London ICE convention, where the new game was teased for the first time. Needless to say, it was received with a great deal of excitement by those in attendance at the world-class gaming expo and convention.

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A Rank Partnership

NetEnt developed the new release in partnership with UK developer The Rank Group, and in conjunction with Rank’s Grosvenor Casinos brand. Grosvenor is the UK’s best-known casino group, consisting of various online platforms on physical retail locations all over the country.

Perhaps most exciting of al is that the new release features what is commonly referred to as player-friendly fun. What this means is that any given game classified as such will feature a higher-than-average Return to Player percentage. In the case of NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack live casino release; the RTP is an incredible 99.5%!

The idea behind player-friendly titles is generally to attract new players towards any given platform, developer or game. New players especially, are generally drawn to these types of games. Many newbies don’t quite yet understand concepts like volatility or proper bankroll management. Games geared at making it as easy and as rewarding to play go a long way towards ensuring that new players don’t become discouraged to the point of giving it up as a bad job at the first sign of a loss.

Fun, Player-Friendly 21

The game employs its namesake strategy, being the Perfect Blackjack strategy. It’s this strategy that essentially enables NetEnt to spike the RTP all the way up to 99.5%. Perfect Blackjack also happens to be the very first release to employ a live dealer Autoplay function. This enables the live dealer to keep on dealing the cards in a specific manner as stipulated by the player.

Players are able to switch between standard play and Autoplay. Another welcome add-on is that an unlimited number of players are able to join in the fun during any one game, thanks to provision having been made for everything from auto-splitting and doubling down to unlimited wagers placed in any given player box when talking player participation numbers.

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