NetEnt Live Shows Off Its New Live Casino Lobby

By Ben Hamill - May 18 2020

NetEnt Live Shows Off Its New Live Casino Lobby

NetEnt Live has allowed operators a sneak preview glimpse at its new Live Casino Lobby and Mini-Lobby. The entire layout has been designed with a single goal in mind, explains Director of NetEnt Live, Andres Renfigo, and that single goal is player retention. This can be seen in everything from effortless navigation between the various game’s tables to the increased opportunities to play. The finished product creates a sensation of a complete polishing of all on-screen elements and its quite obvious that the idea is to promote a space that is player-centric and completely customisable.

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Customisation is of course aimed at operators being at liberty of incorporating the new online space into their own individual brand perspectives. NetEnt’s generic branding options come standard with the polished package, allowing operators to create their own fully interchangeable player environments based on their regional needs and own specific brand preferences.

Intuition Unlocks Cross-Promo

The experience is that of full immersion. Players are engaged and entertained by live-streamed images and video footage of dynamic tables presented by live hosts and dealers. Intuition is at the order of the day – even right down to a more intuitive ordering of the games tables so as to promote the various games and hopefully even introduce players to other games than those they would usually be in the habit of heading directly towards.

The core and the certainly the face of all of that will eventually become NetEnt’s Live Casino, is down to a single factor: first impressions. In the case of any Live Casino, that first impression is none other than the lobby.

The Lobby Is The A-Z

Andres Renfigo is 100% aware of the importance of the lobby and of it being the core of the live casino and by the same token, of the entire live casino experience from the player’s point of view. Renfigo to this end describes the lobby an absolutely vital element to master. Not only does the lobby act as the initial make-or-break, but it also determines the quality of the long-term nature of the live casino experience. The lobby, believes Renfigo, determines everything from the levels of a player’s engagement to the eventual take-away of not only the perceived experience but also specifically of the brand.

Brand take-away within the context of live casino in this case refers to two brands: NetEnt Live as well as that belonging to the specific operator-partner. It is therefore absolutely crucial that the lobby gets it right.

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