MGA Launches New Sports Integrity Unit

By Ben Hamill - September 02 2019

MGA Launches New Sports Integrity Unit

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has established a new unit tasked with promoting integrity in sports and sports betting. The special sports integrity unit is a new addition to the regulator’s forte and will focus on the freeing up of resources and the intensification of its existing efforts to prevent the manipulation of sports events on an international level.

The unit will exclusively focus on accumulating intelligence and data that relates to suspicious bets and will seek to create effective relationships with all industry role-players, including regulatory bodies around the world, global gaming and sports betting operators, international sports and competition bodies and betting monitoring systems. Law enforcement agencies will also be invited to come on board in an effort to add bite to the watchdog’s bark.

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Making Communication Possible

MGA senior executive Antonio Zerafa will be at the steer of the helm and will lead the unit in the capacity of Sports Integrity Officer. Zerafa is a good fit for the job as he has been working in the ranks of the MGA’s Criminal Probity Screening Department for going on four years. He is a seasoned hand in all aspects of security and anti-corruption.

The specialised integrity unit will grease the passageways for more effective communication between the regulator and various stakeholders in the global sports betting industry. According to MGA CEO Heathcliff Farrugia, interaction with global stakeholders will be incentivised to the full extent allowed by the law. The existence of a specialised sports integrity unit, said Heathcliff, is absolutely crucial if the MGA is to succeed in its efforts to effectively launch a full-blown war on those who seek to compromise integrity in gambling and especially in sports.

Upping The Efficacy Ante

The establishment of the sports integrity unit was announced recently following the release of the regulator’s new guidelines set to oversee licensing arrangements and advertising policies. The unit will work in close-knit cooperation with all other departments functioning as part of the MGA’s scope of operations and activities.

The main idea is to create uninterrupted channels of communication and control among various world regulators and legal entities so as to ensure that a certain standard is upheld on a global level. The MGA’s decision to establish the unit is yet again a clear indication of the regulator’s serviceable attitude towards the promotion of integrity in all manners of competition.

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