Kalamba Unveils New Caribbean Anne Slot

By Ben Hamill - August 23 2019

Kalamba Unveils New Caribbean Anne Slot

Fancy yourself a lover of maritime adventure and a believer in the hidden treasures of the deep? Then look no further because Kalamba Games has just released a fresh new take on the old pirate treasure hunt. Caribbean Anne is a slot all about a true seven seas treasure adventure, and thanks to the special game mechanics so expertly incorporated by the award-winning developer, winning is no daunting task when you’re holidaying it up Caribbean-style.

The slot offers a superb collection of bonus features and multipliers. The multiplier wilds fall onto the slot’s reels in random and frequent fashion and best of all is that when they do, they lock into place to ensure even more and better wins. Caribbean Anne includes a total of 4 bonus features, as well as a Hyperbonus and a Hyperbet feature.

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Its All About Having Options

Kalamba is all about options and when talking options, it’s hard to beat Caribbean Anne. Whenever the slot is launched players are at liberty to choose their preferred Hyperbet level. For example, Hyperbet level 1 comes standard with a 1x multiplier wild and 7 initial free spins during the bonus spins round. Level 2 is kitted out with a 2x multiplier wild and 9 initial extra free spins whenever the free spins bonus round is triggered.

The levels run all the way through to and up to level 5. This is obviously for top performers and being willing to step up the wager may very well be awarded with a 5x multiplier wild and an amazing 14 extra initial free spins during the bonus round.

Take A Chance On Adventure

The symbol responsible for triggering the special free spins bonus round is Caribbean Anne’s standard mode of transport, being the ship of adventure. In addition to free spins, there are also 4 levels of bonus jackpots on offer. They are classified as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

The level of jackpot attained is determined by the number of ship scatters landed during a single spin as well as the level of the Hyperbet active at the time of the scatters having been landed on the slot’s reels.

Bigger is better when joining Caribbean Anne on her exciting treasure hunt adventures and winning is a given to all those willing to take a chance on living it up on the seven seas.

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