Evoplay Entertainment Announces New Retro Slots

By Ben Hamill - February 23 2020

Evoplay Entertainment Announces New Retro Slots

Retro is big; in fact, when talking gaming and entertainment, its bigger than big – it’s positively humungous. Which is why the news that Evoplay Entertainment is bringing Vegas-style retro back is of the simply fantastic variety. Evoplay recently announced that it will soon launch its 2020 retro-themed slots catalogue and that the focus will this year be on bringing good old classic Vegas back.

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The developer also spilled the beans on the first two titles to be released as part of the new retro portfolio of slots. Rich Reels and Irish Reels will seek to transport players to a world of classic Sin City and the variety of pure luck that dreams are made of.

Retro Is Everything But Old

But be not fooled into thinking that retro is, in the case of Evoplay Entertainment, in any way tired or dusted or boring. The exact opposite is true thanks to the team’s obvious resolve to keep it modern and high-tech alongside all that classic retro Las Vegas magic. Super graphics, unique sound effects and special features all combine to create what will without a doubt become two of the most popular games to be released into the ether this year.

Let no one ever accuse Evoplay of being blind to the challenges facing modern-day developers. Players are constantly chasing the next big theme, the next super win and the opportunity to dream huge. This may be great in terms of how players and especially slots enthusiasts have evolved in terms of technology and intel-progress, but the effect has been that of developers having to constantly dig deep in order to come up with games that are engaging as well as a cut above the rest.

 But with that having been said, that player engagement is the stuff that the team at Evoplay is made of is no lie. Imagine creating a world of supreme visual effects, mechanics capable of not only captivating for a session or two but of completely drawing players into the world of the surreal, and the sensation that classic Vegas has just come home to just about everyone. Imagine, because this is exactly what Evoplay is doing. 

Bring On The Irish

A touch of Irish madness and magic is all it takes to turn an ordinary slot into a premium creation. And if Evoplay Entertainment has proved itself capable of doing anything, then that would have to be “doing Irish”. Be sure to look out for Rich Reels and Irish Reels – miss it and miss out. Because this is Vegas, baby.

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