Why Elk’s Visitors Slot Is A Special Features Fest

By Ben Hamill - October 09 2020

Why Elk’s Visitors Slot Is A Special Features Fest

There’s a different sort of alien visitor come to town – they mean humanity no harm but also aren’t opposed to having some fun with us while studying our species. They’re the theme of Elk Studios’ latest online slots creation, and they’re Visitors on a special mission to learn all they can about earthlings.

If ever there was a stupendously quirky slot to have seen the light of day, then Visitors would have to be it. The scene is perfectly set – from the secret massive small-town invasion, all the way through to a sudden unearthly appearance the likes of which humanity has not yet experienced.

The Visitors may not come bearing any grudges against humans, but that’s not about to stop them from playing several kinds of pranks on their unsuspecting earth-bound hosts. With a special propensity for abducting cows, they’ve also been known to expand their houses and set things alight with no fair or prior warning.

And they’re going about their visiting business on a 5x5, 3,125 Ways to Win reel setup.

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Special Features Galore

Special symbols and features in Visitors include Expanding Symbols, Multiplier Respins, an exciting Free Spins Bonus game, Sticky Wilds, and even increasing multipliers with the capacity to multiply wins by up to x4,096.

Of all of the special features, The Alien Invasion Free Spins bonus has got to be one of our top favourites. In order to trigger the Free Spins feature, 3 or more bonus Scatters must first be landed simultaneously on the slot’s reels.

Once triggered, a set of 25 mini-reels will appear in view – populated by spaceship symbols in gold and silver. The colour of each spaceship is important as this will determine which additional features are in play at any given point in time.

For every silver spaceship landed during the bonus game, an additional free spin will be added to the number of free games remaining. Also, a Multiplier wall will be built around the reel. Whenever this happens, the current Multiplier in play will be instantly doubled. Exciting too is that Multipliers are able to expand vertically – creating even more room for spaceships to come in for the land.

But that’s not all, because if a golden spaceship symbol were to land, all Multiplier walls will be doubled for the biggest of wins.

Visitors Respins Features

Additional bonus features are the Visitor Respins Features – triggered whenever 2 Respin Symbols are landed simultaneously on reels 1 and 5.

Visitor Respins Features number three different features in total: Big o Beam, Abduction, and Alien Attack. Awarded at random, each Respin Feature will unleash a different award.

Looks like these are just the types of visitor’s players want!

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