ELK Studios Launch New Ice Wolf Slot

By Ben Hamill - December 01 2019

Ice Wolf Slot Logo

Creative leading developer ELK Studios has created a rather special slots experience tailor-made to fit right in with the Canadian winter. Ice Wolf is no typical online slot, and tends to resemble a typical video game more than what it does an online video slot. The game creates the distinct idea that the player is in control of much of what happens on the reels and there certainly are a number of winning features incorporated in order to further support the notion.

Ice Wolf is an adventure-style game that incorporates strong element of escapism as the player tries to avoid coming to a gruesome end at the claws and teeth of the ruthless and feared wolf. The idea is to escape capture and demise long enough to as to harness the full power of the combined features of the slot.

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Special Frozen Symbols

An interesting element of play is the fact that the top real is initially hidden from being used by the player and the symbols present are covered by a layer of what appears to be slippery and sleek ice. The symbols lodged underneath the icy covering may only be used once three or more symbols are matched on adjacent reels. At this point the slot transforms from a standard grid to an enlarged six reels x seven rows.

Once defrosted, the slot will continue to offer re-spins until such time was what no further combinations are possible on the reels. Needless to say, the expanded reel-set makes for a spike on the win-tally and players can look forward to pocketing a maximum payout of a superb €250,000.

Winning Even When Losing

Ice Wolf makes it so that not even losing is really losing. The game is all about dishing it out and incorporates various features to limit losing and make winning a possibility. Perhaps the most prominent of these, is the Booster built-in bet strategy. What Booster does is to ensure a win after a specified and pre-determined losing streak. Booster is supported by more bet-strategies that may be activated at the player’s leisure.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that the top layer of symbols acts very much in the same way as does most bonus games in that it will typically reveal symbols that are higher-paying than usual and a greater frequency.

Ice Wolf is bound to make waves in the world of online slots, and the fact that it so closely resembles the look and feel of a video game adds a definite additional twist of anticipation to playing.

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