Play’n GO Release Agent Destiny Slot

By Ben Hamill - May 12 2020

Play’n GO Release Agent Destiny Slot

Leading casino games developer Play’n GO is obviously in 1st gear and raring to go. The developer’s latest slot hot off the production line is real James Bond-adventure style game. Agent Destiny is in fact like something straight out of a British spy film meets a comic book skit. The mystery-flavoured action is in fact rooted firmly in the culture of 1950s and 1960s classic pulp comics culture.

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Comics are of course a favourite pastime of many an adult. We collect and preserve and show comics off to friends and family. Comics are symbols of pure nostalgia and of remembering that since better days once were, more better days must necessarily be to come. Agent Destiny goes all out on the comic book detail, inviting players right into the pristine pages of a classic comic book collectors’ item.

Meet The Agent Online

No slot based on the life and times of Agent Destiny would be complete without the man himself putting in an appearance in person. The man of the hour delivers a superb opening voiceover performance and one can almost hear an explanation about this spy gadget or that going down in the background. Anyone who as ever experienced the sheer genius of comic book spies James Bond or Modesty Blaise will greatly enjoy the theme behind Play’n GO’s latest work of genius.

The game very obviously seeks to transport the player back to a time when freedom of movement was a given, when handsome spies could be seen trawling Roulette and Blackjack tables belonging to rich and famous private casino owners. Complete with a beautiful companion off to the side, sipping a martini and smiling down on the proceedings, of course! No James Bond would ever be complete without his smiling contessa.

Free Spins & More

But Play’n GO is obviously about a lot more than just telling a story on the reels of a slot game. There are generally some special features to die for included in every Play’n GO title, and Agent Destiny is no exception. There are special free bonus spins, mega symbols and even linked reels that work together to make even bigger wins possible.

The classic comic-book feel, complete with distinctive comic book panels, is quite possibly the glowing cherry on the top. Agent Destiny combines fun and special bonus features with pure nostalgia and a longing for a time when spies were spies and easy money made the world go round.

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