NetEnt Launch Highly-Anticipated Street Fighter II Slot

By Ben Hamill - May 23 2020

NetEnt Launch Highly-Anticipated Street Fighter II Slot

Leading casino software developer NetEnt’s new Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot has officially gone live. The title incorporates strong and popular elements of the famous arcade game from the early 90’s. And since its NetEnt we’re talking about, its probably complete overkill to state that what NetEnt has done to the Street fighter concept is a work of genius. The game has received a fresh and entertaining – and certainly unique! – new lease on life.

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NetEnt is of course renowned for transforming classic movies and entertainment brand concepts into modern-day, unique and highly playable online slots. This is naturally not to say that NetEnt did not bite off for itself a whole lot of chewing when it embarked on a venture that would hopefully do the iconic fighting arcade game the justice it deserves.

Only The Best Would Do

NetEnt knew full well that players would expect nothing short of a game that would not only put a fresh new slots spin on the popular Street fighter arcade concept, but also stay true to the original feel and style of the popular 1991 cult-classic arcade game release.

Never a team to disappoint, NetEnt’s award-winning gaming development magic makers more than lived up to the daunting but satisfying task at hand. No fewer than 8 of the beloved original Street fighter characters have been written into the slot’s storyline and best of all is that, just like in the original arcade game release of 1991, players can choose for themselves which of the characters they would best like to embody.

A Full Migration

In fact, various popular elements managed to make their way across the arcade/slots divide. Examples include the famous fighting locations, the music and the sound-effects, and even the very intricate design details re-worked from the original character layouts.

What’s more, and again true to the original concept, NetEnt has furthermore stuck to the way in which the battles had been played in the original arcade release. The slot has in essence been envisioned as a recreation of the original theme and right down to the game including not just one, but a series of battles pitched against various opponents.

Just like in the original arcade game, the player either defeats a particular opponent in a particular fight, or he or she loses the battle against that opponent. NetEnt ingeniously turned this into the perfect switch-over opportunity in terms of launching the slot’s Free Spins feature.

Fans of the original Street fighter concept will certainly not be disappointed.

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