NetEnt Partners With Onload Media’s New Ad Network

By Ben Hamill - November 28 2019

Movements in the iGaming industry that specifically relate to advertising have created a wealth of challenges for operators and other relevant parties over the course of recent years. Operators have been rapped over the knuckles, penalised and in some cases even slapped with hefty fines by regulators dissatisfied by the way in which gaming ads are aired and handled. Increasing threats regarding complete blanket bans by state organisations are exactly what has now prompted the establishment of a new initiative that will focus solely on global gambling advertising.

The initiative, which is powered and driven by marketing and advertising specialist Onload Media, has just gone live and NetEnt is one of the first industry giants to have added its name to the cause. What Onload Media essentially aims to achieve is to offer to operators, suppliers, developers, payment administrators and general distributors a specialised service that will ensure that each party is acting perfectly in line with the advertising provisions of its licensed region.

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Video Ads Will Change The Game

Onload will hone on this goal by way of specialised video advertisements that strictly comply with regulated age restrictions and relevant gaming regulations, whilst at the same time severely limited overhead costs associated with typical in-house ad development as well as negating and off-setting taxes and related costs in a positive way.

Onload refers to the initiative as “a unique way of engaging audiences” and has said that the latest service to have hit the market originated from extensive research and a rigorous and thorough “testing phase”. The system was developed along industry experts and prominent role-players Blueprint Gaming and LeoVegas.

15 Seconds Of Ad Content

The advertisements will apparently comprise of 15-second-long spurts of advertising content that will be displayed for the duration of the time it takes a typical online game to load on a user’s screen. The advertisements will not be skippable.

Perhaps most significant of all is the fact that the video ads will not exclusively focus on gaming content only but will extend its reach to various other industries as well, such as fitness, travel and also the automobile industry. This is expected to create major revenue opportunities for marketers of special and everyday promotions and will action a cross-sector advertising movement pioneered by the online gambling industry.

The ads will also specifically support and promote initiatives revolving around safe gambling practices and the global war on gambling addiction. The initial test-results delivered exceptional results in terms of revenue and engagement potential.

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