NetEnt Connect Enjoys International Support

By Ben Hamill - January 23 2020

NetEnt Connect Enjoys International Support

NetEnt’s new content aggregation platform NetEnt Connect may be new to the online games aggregation network scene, but that doesn’t mean that numerous top international operators have let the news slip through the cracks. The top casino slots and now platform provider recently revealed that despite the platform theoretically is still in its official soft-launch phase, an influx of top and award-winning operators have already signed up for partnership.

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The platform was launched as recently as December last year, and according to NetEnt, there’s been no keeping up with the inflow of interest in signing up. And this has been the case in as far as a swathe of operators from regulated jurisdictions all over the world is concerned. The popularity ratings have apparently hit the ceiling and beyond.

It Started Small

The platform initially offered Red Tiger Gaming content only, but it has now expanded to the point of including top content from various developers and games-suppliers. NetEnt is all about creating the ultimate player experience and this is certainly proving true for NetEnt Connect. Top operators have expressed interest across international entertainment plains and things certainly are looking very promising indeed on the global front.

NetEnt has managed to over the course of a very short time indeed create a niche market for itself as well as completely filling the shoes of the big-time international presence that it has become. What’s more, shareholders have been smiling all the way to the bank because of the fact that the company, under the strong hand of leadership of Therese Hillman, has managed to pull itself out of the ditch by the bootstraps. NetEnt’s financials too, are more promising than ever before in the history of the developer.

No Stopping NetEnt’s Success

Development was in actual fact where and how it had all started for the company now regarded as one of the most respected in the business. But the focus has always been on expansion and massive expansion at that. Enough has never really been quite good enough for NetEnt and in many ways; this striving for more and for better has been the makings of the NetEnt that we know today.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride in more ways than one but NetEnt certainly has managed to show its steel and come out in excellent shape on the other side. And now that NetEnt Connect is a trending hot topic in terms of casino news headlines, the show really has only just begun.

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