Mobile Tech Making a Major Impact on Gambling

By Ben Hamill - December 22 2019

Managing weight and health, dealing with work documents, and sharing news on social media sites are now all daily activities that are possible in mobile browsers and on apps. As well as these and services for almost every other industry, mobile sportsbooks and casinos have become very widely available.

The adults of today were children in the 1990s, and grew up on desktop technology. Theirs is really the first generation for which home personal computers became the expected norm. This has made it easy for them to adopt and embrace mobile developments, and use them in so many areas of modern life. One of the best examples of this is the gambling sector.

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Why People Choose Mobile Gambling

Online casinos and sportsbooks changed the betting landscape forever. They offered a lot more choice, at players’ fingertips, than would ever be possible at a single land-based establishment. They were also far more convenient, since they could be accessed at any time and didn’t require any travelling.

The casinos were also more economical, accepting lower minimum bets and involving no transport, room, food and other additional costs. They often paid out more than their land-based counterparts too, and offered a lot more bonuses to bettors. All these advantages are still true for desktop gambling, and now they’re true for mobile bookmakers and casinos too.

With smartphones and tablets, however, there’s the added convenience of being able to play wherever, as well as whenever, is convenient. As life gets busier, this can feel less like a luxury and more like a necessity; it’s often the only way gamblers can keep up with their casino games and sports bets.

Ever-Improving Quality

Historically, the advantage that desktop sites have had over their mobile counterparts is that they offer more games at better quality. They have also often been able to provide more complete banking options and other services. But with accelerating improvements in smartphone and tablet technology, this is no longer the case.

While early mobile casinos and sportsbooks did compromise graphics and functionality, today they match online establishments’ quality. Some sites can be accessed from the browsers of any device, and offer their full range of entertainment to all users; others make extensive selections available in their apps.

Going forward, the mobile sector looks set to grow even bigger, and as it has already eclipsed desktop gaming, it will be interesting to see just how large it can grow, both in Canada and beyond.

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