Mobile Casino -- Who, What, Where, When and How

By Ben Hamill - December 04 2016

The evolution of the online casino has resulted in the introduction of the mobile casino. Mobile casino gaming offers convenient gambling options for tablet and phone users who want to play their favourite games for real money prizes on their personal mobile device.

What is the Mobile Casino?

The mobile casino is an outgrowth of the online casino which was established to offer gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to play their preferred games online.

Until the 1980s gaming was an event that you experienced by going to a locale where betting was taking place. If you wanted to stay in your neighborhood you could join a pick-up game of poker or blackjack with neighborhood buddies or head to the corner bookie for some wagering entertainment on sports events. If you were looking for a more sophisticated gambling adventure you could travel to a local casino venue and play casino games.

Pinball machines and other arcade-type games could always be found at fairs and amusement parks but they lacked the automatic payout element, meaning that a staff member had to be nearby to distribute the winning payout. In the 1960s electro-mechanical games such as Periscope and Duck Hunt became popular among gamers who wanted to play mechanically-based games and electro-video games soon followed. By the 1980s, coin-operated, real money video games such as Pac Man, Computer Science and Space Invaders were a feature in gaming rooms throughout the world. Entire arcades devoted to video game occupied areas in shopping malls while single machines could be found in traditional restaurants and bars.

Home video game console technology made it easy for gamers to play from home but many players found that these home consoles weren’t giving them the kind of interactive competition and social involvement that existed in surroundings where other gamers who were engaged in the same types of activities were playing.

Online Gaming

In 1994 the first online casino opened. This casino, powered by Microgaming software, gave Internet users the chance to play casino games for real money prizes while they were online. Other online casino venues quickly followed, offering basic casino card and table games along with some simple three-reel video slots. The online casinos grew and flourished with new casino sites and new games added on a monthly basis. Additional software developers entered the market including PlayTech, Egosoft, Gamehouse, Intelligent Systems and the Doobic Game Studios.

The introduction of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, opened new avenues to the online gaming industry. The industry enabled many of the top games for mobile gaming and expanded their casinos to include gambling on smartphone and tablet devices. Today the mobile casino is a popular venue where players can indulge in their gambling activities through their regular casino account.