Microgaming Introduces Alchemy Gaming

By Ben Hamill - November 29 2019

Online casino industry leader Microgaming has added yet another independent studio partner to the developer’s already impressive assortment of creative partners. This time round, it’s a studio by the name of Alchemy Gaming and according to Microgaming’s introductory home page information release, the team; true to the authenticity of its name; is all about turning everything it touches into pure gold.

A “varied and tailored” experience, emphasises Microgaming once more, is at the heart of what the independent game builder model is all about. The sheer variety of partners introduced by the industry giant over the course of a little more than a year is truly impressive, staggering even. Microgaming appears to be absolutely intent on rejuvenating the way in which the online casino game development process is approached; an attitude that has yielded some pretty amazing results as far as recently published gaming content goes.

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Newly-Established But Old Hands

Alchemy Gaming is a newly formed team of creative developers, but only “new” in make-up. The team is made up of industry professionals who have each been involved and working in the field of gaming software development for many years. The composition may be new, but it certainly appears as if there isn’t any lack of experience to speak of.

Diversity is yet again at the core of it all for Microgaming and this is the gold thread interwoven in the corporate culture of what Alchemy Gaming stands for. Alchemy has its group-collective focus on novel and truly unique game mechanics, features and visual storylines. Driven by specialised mathematics, it’s going to be interesting to behold the end-result of what this unique group of experts are about to unleash into the world of online gaming.

Catch It At SiGMA 2019

And whilst on topic of actual results, its been confirmed by umbrella studio Microgaming, that Alchemy Gaming’s maiden release will be Wheel of Wishes. The exact launch date is not yet available, but it will be somewhere throughout the first quarter of 2020.

As for the storyline and what the game will entail, Wheel of Wishes will follow a theme of “wealth and magic” straight out of Arabia. The slot will feature what’s been described as a “revamped progressive jackpot” and will once complete, be incorporated into the developers own progressive jackpot network; a network that has since its own launch, paid out jackpot prize money well in excess of an unbelievable €1 billion!

Alchemy Gaming’s Wheel of Wishes is currently on show as teaser-preview and key pre-release at Microgaming’s SiGMA 2019 expo stand.

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