Microgaming Reaches Crucial Green Milestone

By Ben Hamill - June 08 2020

Microgaming Reaches Crucial Green Milestone

Leading online casino software developer this World Environment Day got to celebrate a very special environmentally friendly milestone of its own when the company completed and passed its International Organisation for Standardisation 14001 audit – ISO 14001.

This particular audit assesses a company’s footprint on the environment, alongside its environmental performance based on a set of criteria. Focus areas include the training of staff regarding issues like waste management, the systems whereby environmental performance is monitored and reported, and whether or not a company is deemed to have gone the extra mile reducing its impact on and footprint left behind on the environment.

ISO 14001-compliance is based on the principles of an environmental management system (EMS). The EMS is essentially developed in compliance with the ISO industry standard as part of an organisation’s strategy to implement its policy around the environment and to address the regulations prescribed to this end by government. ISO is a set of requirements that is recognised world-wide and is then regarded the industry standard.

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Recognising Commitment Over Time

The gaming giant has since having received its certification on June 5 (World Environment Day 2020), commented on the perfect timing of it having officially passed the ISO 14001 audit, and said that the certification bears witness to the team’s long-term commitment to an improved and lower-impact approach to preserving earth’s environment.

Just some of what the company has done in an attempt to create an environmentally friendly approach to everyday business and management of staff include the full-time appointment of an officer specifically in charge of environmental coordination and industry compliance, investments made in electric bikes as well as annual bus passes so as to enable staff to travel to and from work making use of environmentally friendly means of surface-transport, a brand-new waste management system that includes the use of what are known as ‘smart bins’, automatic energy consumption monitors, and perhaps most significant of all, the replacement of takeaway lunch containers with sustainable earth-friendly alternatives.

Celebrating Green PlayItForward

Microgaming CEO John Coleman is understandably proud of what the company has managed to achieve within the context of the certification. Coleman referred to the gaming giant’s PlayItForward initiative, which is 100% focused on people and charitable organisations looking after people, saying that a strong focus point of the initiative is supporting those people who are passionate about driving forward those projects that make the world a greener place to live in.

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