Microgaming Announces IWG Partnership Deal

By Ben Hamill - February 08 2019

Microgaming Announces IWG Partnership Deal

It’s true; we’ve been in love with Microgaming’s award-winning slot concepts for a very long time. We enjoy the subtle nuances, the bold themes, the accessibility and the smooth flow of their slots. In short, we’re die-hard Microgaming fans. Imagine our absolute glee when the news broke that soon, thanks to a development-deal between the iGaming giant and online instant wins games provider and developer IWG, many of our favorite Microgaming slots will soon be redeveloped to include instant-play versions.

IWG has said that the focus will be on the re-development of some of the most popular titles to date, and that every effort will be made to retain Microgaming’s unique style of game-play. More good news indeed, because we’d hate to be deprived of the magic and authenticity of the old classics. To this end, IWG emphasized the fact that the slots will merely be enhanced to incorporate the instant play element, and not entirely changed or re-created. Also, the original games will remain available on all Microgaming-licensed operator platforms.

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When Quality Comes Together

Leon Thomas, IWG’s Chief Commercial Officer, said that the deal really can only be described as the ultimate coming together of the best of both worlds. By combining the two concepts, an entirely new product will be introduced to players, who will hopefully enjoy being able to play all of the old favorites in a new and refreshingly fast-paced style of play.

Thomas seemed confident that the end product would become a big hit among players, and said that he was excited at the potential of the outcome. Microgaming’s games are of the most innovative out there as it is. It would be hard not to share in IWG’s excitement at taking those games to a whole new level.

Taking The Lead Once More

As for Microgaming’s Director of Content Strategy, John Quinn, he has said that the excitement goes both ways. Quinn however stressed the fact that IWG’s specific expertise revolved around the fact that they were masters at re-creating existing games without losing the core characteristics of the game.

Quinn said that the whole idea behind the partnership was to release brand-new content into the worldwide market, especially since this was bound to attract an entire new network of players. Once again we find Microgaming exactly where the prolific and excellent team belongs: at the forefront of true gaming innovation.

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