Men and Women are Gloriously Different, Even in Online Casino Gaming

By Ben Hamill - January 22 2017
crystal ball tells all

This tantalizing infographic shows the great potential for growth of creative online casinos looking to expand their Canadian fan base. Here's one amazing example: women play mostly slots, bingo, and other luck-based games, 72% of all the games at All Jackpots Online Casino are slots, yet only 20% of Canadian online gamers are women. So online casinos have a built-in marketing goal: attracting more women! If I may offer one possible way to do so: Given that women are the overwhelming majority of bingo players and that it's cold in Canada much of the time, might live bingo set in a real bingo centre succeed?

Canadian demographic infographicWe learn that men mostly play table games, leading to a fascinating question: should online casinos try to attract more men to table games, perhaps by introducing easy-to-learn table game variations, or should they try to attract more men to different genres of games?

The youngest demographic are the least likely to play online casino games. It's quite likely that they are playing other games. Perhaps a big push toward mobile gaming, with its vastly improved interfaces, would be attractive to this on-the-go cohort that can't carry their big screen home gaming centre with them!

Finally, when 75% of online players come from Newfoundland and Labrador, wonderful provinces, they, yet somewhat small in population, it's quite clear that the vast expanse of Canada holds much potential for online casinos.