Canadian Hits the Mega Moolah Slot’s Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - April 09 2020

Canadian Hits the Mega Moolah Slot’s Jackpot

Canadian dollars certainly do appear to be the luckiest currency of them all when it comes to striking it lucky with Microgaming’s progressive jackpot slot, Mega Moolah. Just a few days ago the iGaming giant revealed that the first jackpot for 2020 has officially been won in Canadian dollars. The exact amount of money won has not yet been officially confirmed, but it appears to be somewhere in the region of CA$16 million, which makes the win the 3rd biggest Mega Moolah prize won in the entire history of the game, or at least when talking purely in numerical terms, not taking into account currency conversions. And even if the win had to be converted to the British pound, it would still be the 4th largest jackpot ever won on the slot.

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Interesting to note too is that one of the only two other Mega Moolah jackpot payouts to beat the latest win was won in Canadian dollars too when on January 30th last year, a lucky Canadian player won the biggest jackpot amount ever paid out by the slot – a whopping CA$20,059,287.27.

Canadian Dollars Are Luckiest

Leading up to the latest big win, which according to the information currently at hand happened on April 5, Mega Moolah jackpot paid out a total of five times in the period September 2019 to December 2019, which was the last time the jackpot paid out to any player.

Quite astonishing to note is that to date, an incredible total of 19 players playing the game in Canadian dollars have won the jackpot. Short on the heels of the Canadian dollar is the British pound coming in at a total of 9 winners, followed by US dollars at a total of 8, New Zealand dollars coming in at 5, Australian dollars at 4 and last but not least, South African Rands with 2 big jackpot wins.

Canadian Lucky Strikers

Across the total of 19 big wins bagged by players doing their thing in Canadian dollars, a sweltering CA$134 million has been paid out in Canadian currency. This is nearly double the next biggest amount of money on the winners’ list in terms of currency, being the Euro. To date, €69.9 million has been paid out in Euros.

Those who believe in luck certainly would agree that there seems to be something special about the Canadian dollar when it comes to winning big money playing the world’s most popular progressive jackpot slot game.

And if dates are your thing too, then be sure to give the reels a spin on May 22. In Canadian dollars, of course.

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