Live Casino Gaming Has Caught On Big Time

By Ben Hamill - January 10 2017

smiling live blackjack dealer

The modern world moves so fast that we often forget just how much our daily activities have changed. We take for granted that online casinos are a big part of our entertainment experience, yet online gaming has not yet reached twenty years of age. Online gaming changes with such rapidity that sometimes that which we knew to be true becomes obsolete in the blink of an eye. Such is the case with online live casino gaming.

So many gamers have realized that they can usually get full gambling enjoyment playing online that they no longer need to travel to a land-based casino. Nevertheless, despite all the many advantages of gaming at home, the one big extra a brick-and-mortar casino offers is other people!

searching for a live casinoFor many years online casinos have tried to recreate the live casino ambience through the computer with decidedly mixed results. Now, the software and other technology have caught up with the demand and live casino gambling has become as much a craze for adults as colouring for adults, high tech computer games, fantasy sports betting, and other adult pastimes.

In just a few short years the crude live casinos that many online casinos featured have been replaced by state-of-the-art live casinos with much better interaction between player and dealer, sensational graphics, clear audio, colourful visual imagery, and exciting gaming action.

Whereas online live casinos once offered only live blackjack and live roulette, today's selection of live dealer casino games includes baccarat, several kinds of poker, a few esoteric games such as Sic Bo, and multi-player games. The big draw remains interacting with the dealer or croupier but the game interface has improved so much that many players go live simply to play. If you play often at your online casino's live casino, you and your dealer will develop a nice, friendly relationship.

Live casino gaming has much in common with other screen-centered pastimes. Some social commenters have compared live casino gaming to computer games generally. It seems, however, that live casino has more to do with human interaction than with the purely visual aspect of regular online gaming or computer games.

The increasing popularity of live casino gaming more closely parallels the increasing popularity of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming also began as a crude adjunct to PC gaming. There were at first very few games, the graphics were far from aesthetically pleasing, and the convenience of mobile generally had not yet been fully realized. Just as smartphones revolutionized mobile communication, larger, clearer mobile screens combined with far more numerous and more sophisticated games and a smaller number of mobile platforms have revolutionized mobile gaming.

live roulette wheelNow the revolution in online live gaming is being combined with the revolution in mobile gaming generally to comprise a seemingly unbeatable combination: playing at a mobile live casino whilst curled up at home on your most comfortable chair or sofa.

Keep in mind that just as not all online casinos are created equal, so not all live casinos are created equal. Online gaming watchdogs find that some live casinos serve the public so poorly as to warrant being blacklisted. This in no way deters the average gamer from seeking out a reputable online live casino. It simply requires that we all perform some due diligence before putting our money down at a live casino.

Live casinos are not subject to the vicissitudes of the Random Number Generator. Live blackjack and poker involve real decks of cards and real dealers; live roulette involves real wheels and real roulette balls finding a resting place in "real life". So, online live dealer casino games must be certified independently of the other regular online games the parent casino offers. There are many excellent live casinos online. I recently reviewed All Slots Casino. It is not the only online casino to offer a top grade live casino experience. It serves as a good example of the progress being made in online live gaming because its live casino has gone through an evolution of sorts and shows how much progress has been made in online gaming generally and in live online gaming in particular.