Nektan Announces Leander Games Supply Deal

By Ben Hamill - March 21 2019
Nektan Announces Leander Games Supply Deal

In the global casino games industry, there is a lot to be said in favor of collaborating with the right kind of partner. This is especially true of the collaborations between games suppliers and the companies tasked with distributing the games. Distributors have become increasingly more picky as to whose games and content they are willing to distribute, and whether or not a partnership deal can be closed with the right distributor for the job, can in turn be the make or break of any software developer.

Whatever challenges the team at independent developer Leander Games may face, for the foreseeable future, finding the right distributor isn’t one of them. This thanks to the recent announcement that Leander has been officially welcomed into the Nektan fold.

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Leander Gets Its Big Break

Nektan currently owns and operates two proprietary platforms, namely Evolve, which is a B2C platform and E-Lite, which is a B2B platform. The new deal includes 109 of Leander’s top titles to be included on its E-Lite B2B platform. What this means is that going forward, Leander’s games will be made available to Nektan’s entire scope of global operator partners.

Leander Games is an independent software developer and responsible for popular titles such as Afterlife Inferno and Africa Goes Wild.

Bringing Leander To The World

The deal has sparked a lot of public interest, and according to Nektan’s Jane Ryan, COO of B2B services, it’s been a great pleasure with the team at Leander Gaming, grinding ever forward towards high quality development and gaming supply. The deal will be of unquantifiable worth to the independent developer, but according to Jane Ryan, Leander won’t be the only party enjoying the many fruits of the combined effort’s labor. Ryan said that it was a done deal that Leander’s unique and fresh development style would prove popular with Nektan’s global audience of operators and players.

Nektan values the many relationships that it has built with operator-partners over the course of its life-span and it stands to good reason that the company would endeavor to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction in order to retain its hold on the supply market. The weight of the responsibility of providing high-quality games on an ongoing basis isn’t at all lost on Leander Games. Steven Matsell, the developer’s CEO, said that the team at Leander Games is very pleased by the deal, and will aim to provide a continuous stream of content of only the highest quality.

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