Instant Play at Online Casinos Offers Great Gaming

By Ben Hamill - January 08 2017
Instant Big smiles

When you decide to join an online casino, you may be offered two ways to play their games. The more common method of accessing casino games is to download the entire casino to your hard drive. The second method is to play directly on your server at what is called an Instant Play Casino.

Interestingly, there are still some casinos that don't offer instant play whilst there are also some casinos that offer only instant play! There are, of course, advantages to both playing methods and some casinos do better at one method than at the other.

Too Big to Download

The first point is that there are today some very large casinos, such as All Slots and many others, that have over 700 games plus a lot more information. Downloading the entire casino may excessively burden your hard drive. If you aren't interested in the tutorials, casino blog, impromptu bonus offers, membership in the loyalty club, and/or following the software that tracks your playing and your account in real time, you may very well choose to play in the flash or instant play platform.

More Powerful than a Speeding Slot Reel

At this point, I should explain a little about what we mean when we say "platform". Most of us take access to the internet for granted. We also take for granted that when we want to boot up our computer everything will work perfectly. Of course, that is not always the case. Much computer or casino information "sits" on other software that "supports" it. If the supporting software is good, all will be well. If the supporting software is not good or not strong enough all may not be well.

So, one consequence of downloading a casino to your hard drive is that it takes up so much space on your hard drive that your computer starts to work slowly. This is a very undesirable consequence of downloading a casino.

As I stated above, a full casino has much more to offer than games. If you're willing to forego all the other things, playing at an Instant Play Casino through the flash program may be a perfect solution to a computer memory problem.

Past is Past

In the past, there were two primary disadvantages to playing in flash directly through your server. The first was that most casinos (possibly all at one time) did not allow access to all their games through the flash program. There are still some casinos, (possibly a majority; I don't have the exact data for this) that don't offer all their games on the instant play platform. If you're willing to give up a few games, this point may not matter to you.

The second disadvantage to playing in instant play through the flash program is that the graphics in instant play are often not as good as through download. In the past, this was a big source of frustration for gamers who wanted to play but couldn't download and had fewer games available to them in poorer quality. Today, the top casinos have the best graphics available for their instant play gamers.

It is also fascinating to me that some downloadable games won't run on every PC! You have to really know not only the versatility of your computer but also the overall compatibility of the games from the specific casino you're looking to play at.

Computer Times

We use our computers for so many things these days that we may not want to take up the space on our hard drive even if the computer can handle the load now. Who knows what you may want to download in the future? If you're unsure of what your computer needs will be in the near future, you may be better served by playing in instant play.


Security is a very sensitive and important issue as well. First, any casino that offers instant paly, will also offer easy banking methods so you can keep your bankroll healthy. Whilst you may lose out on some bonus offers, you'll be able to receive the Welcome Package which may be worth hundreds of dollars and/or free spins!

When you download, you don't know if some malware has seeped into the casino. The best casinos have encryption software and other powerful safeguards to make you feel safe and secure banking and playing there. Nevertheless, many gamers are still leery of downloading anything to their hard drive. These players are much better off playing in instant play.

Play Fast Now

Another interesting aspect of the growing availability of instant play and the improving quality of instant play is that mobile gaming has actually overtaken PC casino gaming in some countries. This is because the graphics, animation, and sound on mobile devices has improved so much in the last few years that there is functionally no loss in quality between PC casinos and mobile screens.

That mobile casinos have fewer games doesn't faze gamers who prefer playing on a mobile device. In the same vein, a casino that offers instant play, albeit with fewer secondary services such as tutorials, does offer speed. The biggest draw of mobile has always been speed and convenience. Graphics et al have finally caught up to the speed with which gamers can access games on mobile. The biggest draw of instant play is that is fast and easy. In our modern world, convenience and speed go hand in hand with quality to create a product or service that sells!

The primary gist of this article is that instant play has far more advantages than disadvantages. This was not always the case. An Instant Play Casino still has some gaps in instant play over download but more and more online casinos are coming around to the realization that their newest customers may want to play but will not download. For that reason, flash based instant play has become far superior to what it was a few years ago.