Habanero Launches New Techno Tumble Slot

By Ben Hamill - May 29 2020

Habanero Launches New Techno Tumble Slot

Leading casino games developer Habanero has launched its latest online slot and Techno Tumble is bound to be a futuristic-themed hit among fans of techno and science fiction. The slot even incorporates the spirit of retro-style 60s diners by including pinball-style game mechanics relying on super-real physics determining how the machine’s balls behave as they plummet down into the reactor-style slot.

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The tumble-style mechanics come into play whenever the player hits ‘spin’, after which a series of colourful balls fall into place into a clustered fashion. All matching coloured balls touching in numbers of 5 or more, represent a win. Matching balls are automatically removed, making place for replacement balls to fall into the empty spaces. The feature is a genius combination of concepts ranging from free respins to cascading symbols to cluster pay concepts in gaming.

Special Features

In addition to the unique pay-style, Techno Tumble also features free spins and multipliers, with free spins activated by scatter-symbol combinations. The theme is a supreme highlight and the surreal way in which the game functions immediately captivates the imagination. The experience generates feelings of progression into the future and a new and modern approach to winning.

And this future-transporting notion is exactly what the developer was gunning for, according to Habanero’s Vera Motto. The theme of Techno Tumble, said Motto, was indeed inspired by pop culture science fiction. Habanero decided on a super modern approach based on the principles of reel-free mechanics coupled with cascading symbols known to immerse and engage the player all session round. The idea, said Habanero’s Motto, is to offer to players a fresh new entertainment experience and perspective on the gaming and entertainment of the future.

Spain, LatAm – The World

The developer earlier this year in April confirmed that it is happy to report massive progress made regarding expansion into Latin America. It was able to report this because of a successful launch of its portfolio in the Spanish market.

Spain-accreditation, said Habanero at the time of the announcement, would authorise the developer to partner with an unlimited number of Spanish operators as it continues to build on the successes achieved alongside LatamWin and Salsa Technology. Habanero has since April enjoyed full accreditation by Spanish regulator DGOJ.

Additional partnerships inked by Habanero in 2020 so far include partnerships with operators in Italy, the Baltics, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Romania. Habanero has in the meantime proclaimed itself excited about the remainder of the year that now lies ahead.

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