Green Jade Games Seals Gamification Deal

By Ben Hamill - August 01 2019

Green Jade Games

Thanks to a new partnership agreement having been entered into with CompetitionLabs, Green Jade Games will for the first time be including specialised gamification tools into the make-up of its slots and casino games. Green Jade Games is the in-house development studio for the MRG Group (previously Mr. Green). MRG now belongs to sports betting giant William Hill, and Green Jade is making its initial foray into the world of top-class casino games.

The new gamification features will be incorporated in all future games releases, confirmed Green Jade at the time of the new partnership announcement. More developers than ever before are employing gamification features in an attempt to create an individualised gaming experience for online gaming fanatics. Players often complain bitterly about a distinct sensation that developers and operators alike are overlooking their individuality, which was of course until very recently, not at all unreasonable an observation.

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Talking Logistics

The issue at hand isn’t at all one of operators not being interested in tending to the special needs of players; at least not the licensed and reputable variety. It’s much more a case of not having access to the necessary resources in order to make a unique and individualised gaming experience possible.

But thanks to new technology being continuously developed, the sky is no longer the limit.
Gamification tools are now making it possible for operators to literally hone in on individual players and individual gaming habits and it all comes down to a thing of personal preference.

Some players want to sign in and get on with it for a couple of minutes a week, enjoying to the full the benefits of instant play. Getting in, tuning in to a dose of rapid-fire spins and getting back out and on with everyday life works perfectly for many people. But others want to be able to enjoy the experience of it all, including tournaments, individualised jackpots, special game-specific promotions, and more. This is where the individualised gaming experience comes into play. Without gamification tools doing the hard work in the background, this simply isn’t possible; the logistics simply do not allow it.

All About The Experience

The partnership with CompetitionLabs will enable Green Jade Games to implement various gamification tools without having to allocate additional human and financial resources towards developing said tools in-house. According to Green Jade Games CEO Benedict McDonagh, the partnership comes down to money and time saved and herein lies the value of the deal.

Its all about bringing another dimension to games and allowing players the liberty of choice of how and to what extent they prefer to interact with games.

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