Google To Allow Online Gambling Ads In US

By Ben Hamill - December 22 2019

Google has announced that recent updates to its gaming advertising policies in the US includes an update that will allow the 4 US states to advertise online casino games and offerings. The states included in Google’s “leniency zone” are those states already offering legalised intrastate online gambling, namely Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

It must be mentioned at this point that Delaware doesn’t permit online gambling in general; but instead permits players to legally engage with online sports betting and online Poker. The general assumption then, based on the search engine giant’s announcement, is that Google will allow advertisements relating to online Poker too.

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Google Ads The Only Exception

Google’s updated games advertising policy will allow the mentioned US states to advertise games and related products and services on the Google Display Network, Google Ads, Admob and YouTube. Operators will however not be permitted to advertise online casino games on Google Ads. Last-mentioned will supposedly remain off-limits.

Online casinos in any one of the 4 states will have to apply beforehand in order to get approved by Google to advertise their online slots and online table games on any one of the search engine’s approved advertising platforms. Certification will then be granted following the operators in question having complied with specified standards and conditions.

No Time Was Wasted

Google first launched the process whereby online casino operators would eventually be in a position to advertise online gambling and betting in June of 2018, immediately after sports betting was legalised by the US Supreme Court. Google at the time launched a process it named “US Sports Betting beta”, being the same process and policy now set to govern the online advertising certification process.

The tech goliath first rolled out its beta process to the state of New Jersey, after which it then extended the invitation to West Virginia and to Nevada. In October of that year, 5 more states were invited to join the process, being Montana, Indiana, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Iowa.

Online operators offering their games to US citizens from local quarters have long expressed their unhappiness about their inability to advertise their games and sports betting products on Google. The search engine giant has at least now started to adopt a more fair and reasonable approach. More states are expected to sign on as the legalised sports betting market continues to spread a much more liberated gospel regarding the overall approach to online gambling and betting.

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