NJ Sportsbooks Having A Google Heyday

By Ben Hamill - August 06 2019

NJ Sportsbooks Having A Google Heyday

It’s true that nothing defines a culture as distinctly as its language. But it’s perhaps even more appropriate to say that; especially in an age driven by science and technology; that nothing defines a culture as distinctly as its Google searches. Ever wonder why Google tends to make certain connections between specific key words and selected brands? It’s a simple concept: Google AdWords. In a brand-perfect world, manufacturers and product owners would just love for users to believe that the culture of their specific brand is naturally associated with a product description. Almost ironically a bit like the expression “to Google something”.

But the truth is, this type of cyber-association is created wilfully, and it’s called advertising. A service that is paid for. Even so, its not at all hard to see why this is a valuable service. And now that sports betting is legal in the US, we can expect to see more sports betting brands in more states appear in our everyday searches, than ever before.

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Its All Above Board With Google

Sports betting in New Jersey, for one, is more likely than not to start showing up in local US searches. What’s more, the specific search responsible for having yielded “a New Jersey sports betting result” doesn’t even have to be related to sports betting.

But even so, Google still intends to do it all above board. Chris Harrison, Google’s Industry Head: Financial Trading and eGaming uses the example of baseball. In the event that Google’s system recognises a search as one that intends to yield results related to gambling or sports betting, the New Jersey-based user will in all likelihood see ‘Yankees vs. Red Sox’ appear on his or her device screen; what with New Jersey residents being avid New York Yankees supporters. Keeping in mind of course, that sports betting is legal in the Garden State.

Social Responsibility Badge

Google has on its part developed certain system safeguards so as to ensure that no unsolicited or technically “illegal” content shows up in random searches. For one, only licensed sports betting operators; and licensed specifically in the state where the “search” is being conducted; are permitted to apply for Google’s AdWords service.

Google isn’t taking any chances, it seems, unlike social media giant Facebook’s more liberal “let’s try and see if anyone notices” approach. Google is at this stage of the game not even going as far as to accept AdWords applications from affiliates or aggregators.

Yet again, Google leads the way.

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