GiG Seals Exciting Deal With GS Technologies

By Ben Hamill - June 10 2020

GiG Seals Exciting Deal With GS Technologies

Casino technology and leading platform provider Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has confirmed having secured what it describes as being a long-term agreement with affiliate brand marketing specialist, GS Technologies. According to the provisions of the newly inked deal, GiG will make available its platform as well as its proprietary frontend development and development support services in view of a new online casino brand being built by GS Tech.

The active term of the agreement has been confirmed as an initial three years, and with an automatic extension period granted for two more single-year periods, making a provisional 5-year term in total. GS Technologies has in the meantime confirmed that it expects to launch its new casino platform by no later than the end of 2020. The agreement is reportedly founded on a fixed-fee schedule. GiG’s existing MGA licence is reportedly also part of the deal.

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GS Tech A Proven Success

GS Technologies reportedly already runs several phenomenally successful casino brands. This in addition to the 2012-launched Alpha Affiliates programme, established and run for the purpose of coordinating the marketing efforts of its casino partner brands.

Alpha Affiliates CEO Nic Prokofev has commented on the agreement reached between GS Tech and the Malta-based Gaming Innovation Group, and in his commentary referred to GiG as being recognised and renowned for its “reliable and trustworthy” status of good standing in the casino business. Prokofev also expressed his excitement at the prospect of even more successful brands potentially being born in future from the coming together of the two industry giants.

In fact, the entire GS Technologies group is a well-known and super successful player in the iGaming industry, and this has been the case for many years.

GiG Honoured By The Deal

GiG is on its part understandably excited about the project too. GiG CEO Richard Brown during his own commentary on the new deal, described Alpha Affiliates as having been a long-time successful industry player and the driving force behind many a successful casino brand in operation today. It’s a feather in GiG’s cap to have been selected the preferred platform and technology support provider to Alpha Affiliates’ new Malta casino brand, concluded Brown.

GiG previously said it expects to start seeing revenue contributions generated by the latest partnership as from 2021 onwards. This while working from the assumption that Alpha Affiliates will be ready to launch its new casino brand by the end of this year.

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