Expect Top Game Variety from the Best Online Casinos

By Ben Hamill - November 22 2016
Roulette Wheel

When you look for the online casino best suited to your tastes and needs, you'll certainly want to investigate the games being offered by any casino you are considering. Online casino game variety is not a given; many casinos have fewer game choices; and others that have a wide range of games have few game choices in each category. Why, then, are both game choices and online casino game variety so important?

The list of game categories is relatively short:

  • Slots
  • Table games
  • Poker
  • Video poker
  • Casual games
  • Progressive games

It is the variety within these categories that makes all the difference between a top online casino and a run-of-the-mill online casino.

There Are Slots and There Are Slots

A top online casino will have hundreds of slots and will introduce one or more each month. That's because modern slots are actually video slots, meaning the symbols and characters are actually video creations. This is a very good thing for gamers. The flexibility developers have in creating exciting video slots far surpasses what slots developers were able to do before the technology caught up with the demand for more enticing slots.

Today, you can play five reel video slots with a myriad of themes. Within each theme category there might be many slots that very roughly are about the same thing but have a unique storyline. So, within the romance theme or the adventure theme or the exploration theme or the sports theme, there may be many variations on that theme.

Video slots have wild symbols, scatters which win in all positions and take you to the free spins bonus area, multipliers, stacked reels, cascading reels, free spins that can be retriggered, and far more pay lines than were available on slots in "the old days"! The chances to score big wins are far greater on video slots than they were on the old three reel slots.

Table Games

This massive category features many of the casino table games that you are familiar with such as blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and craps. But the broad spectrum of game under this single rubric also contains many games that you might never have played such as Sic Bo, Golden Ghouls, and Red Dog.

Having a long list of games is not enough to the modern gamer seeking great online casino game variety. Top online casinos give you a huge number of game choices in table games. They may have 40 or more variations of blackjack and poker. They should have many versions of roulette. This leads to another aspect of excellence in online game choices and online casino game variety: tutorials.

A Playing Casino Should Also Be a Teaching Casino

Whilst it's true that you can learn about casino games elsewhere on the internet we assert that a casino that teaches its gamers how to play every game they offer is likely to be at the top of our list of online casinos. A good tutorial should give you the rules and a few tips on how to increase the odds in your favor. In addition to good teaching content, a top online casino should allow unlimited free play so gamers can get the real feel of a new game before betting on it.

Two Great Ways to Play Poker

You can play poker as a table game. There are many varieties of table poker, each with its own strategic challenges and playing nuances.

The more popular way to play poker online is through video poker. This type of poker has become amongst the most popular online casino games. The payout rates are generally the highest in the casino!

Here you bet on the minimum hand needed to win. Of course, if you get a better hand, you'll win more! A really good online casino will have dozens of different video poker games. Here, we'll give you a bit of strategy to follow: when you play video poker, you are actually playing for the far less common top hands. The payouts for these top hands is so good that it is imperative that you make the maximum bet on the game you're playing in order to cash in big if a top hand comes up. In other words, it's important to find a video poker game that has a maximum bet that fits your gaming budget so you can play to win the top payout when your luck runs good.

Casual Games

Under this category, you'll find many variations of bingo! Yes, when a casino says "casual" they mean "casual"! There are many types of casual games; all are kind of silly with child-like themes. Many gamers like to warm up with a few casual games before getting into the "grown-up" area of the casino. many also like to unwind with a few casual games before closing the casino for the night.

Progressive Games

If you like to play for the whole enchilada, progressive games are for you! Good online casinos will have many, perhaps twenty progressive games. Most will be slots although they also have progressive games in blackjack, roulette, and a casual game or two. The jackpots in the casual games will be small, only a few tens of thousands of dollars. We must say that there is something wonderful about playing bingo for a $50,000 jackpot! The jackpots in other games may reach six or seven figures. Microgaming casinos usually feature Mega Moolah, the King of online progressive games with a jackpot that always begins at $1,000,000.

As you can see, online casino game variety should be a top priority for all online casinos. It seems that some prioritize giving players a broad set of game choices more than others. So, we recommend checking out each casino well; the best are worth the wait!