Free Spins and Multipliers Explained

By Ben Hamill - December 15 2016
Free Spins

Check Out Your Game

When you play online slots, one of the first items that you should check out before you choose your game will involve the question of which slot machines offer the best opportunities to achieve rewarding payouts. One of the advantages of playing slots is that you can choose a game that meets your personal interests and fantasies. Ultimately however, the goal of your game activity almost certainly involves the win amounts.

That’s the reason that you will want to read up about the games before you start to play. The game review provides you with an overview of the various elements that are involved in each game. Based on these features you can determine whether the game offers added opportunities for you to achieve additional winning payouts.

Some of these elements include bonus rounds, the 243 Ways to Win feature, rolling reels, expanding reels, multiple paylines, respins and stacked symbols . Two of the features that offer the biggest boost for your slots payouts are the game’s free spins rounds and the multipliers.

If you find a game with either of these features, you can look forward to expanded payouts that are bolstered by augmented wins. If you are successful in identifying a game that features both free spins and multipliers you’ve hit the jackpot and can anticipate a healthy satisfying and lucrative end to your gambling activity.


Multipliers multiply your wins.

Simple, right? If you have a game with multipliers, you’re bound to come out with rewarding payouts.

However, just because you see that a game offers multipliers, you’re not assured of great payouts. You should find a game that gives you multipliers in as many of the wins as possible plus, if you can find them, free spin multipliers.

For instance, some games multiply your wins only in the base game but not in the free spins round. Or vice versa. So you should look for a game that offers multipliers in both the base game AND in the free spins round.

You should also check out the multipliers that the game offers. Multipliers of 2x or even 3x are considered low—to-moderate multipliers. Try to find a game that awards multipliers of 4x or more.

As always, don’t forget that, regardless of the number of paylines that the game offers, wins that occur on paylines that haven’t been activated by a deposit won’t pay out anything — not a base win and not a multiplied win. So it’s a good idea to activate as many of the paylines as you can. Each slots offers a range for your payline deposits which enables you to activate paylines with low, medium or high deposits. You can activate different paylines at different levels, depending on where you think that your completed combinations will fall.

Free Spins

The free spins round is the apex of any slots game. It gives players the chance to spin the reels for free and collect real money payouts on those free spins wins.

If a slot machine includes free spins, the free spins round will be activated by a regular game spin that results in 3 or more scatter symbols. Sometimes the free spins can retrigger when 3 or more scatters appear on a free spin.

If you do your homework properly you’ll be able to enjoy the highest wins by selecting a slots in which free spins wins are multiplied. Choose a slot machine where the free spins round includes any of the elements that are usually found in the base game such asrespins, stacked symbols, expanding reels, etc.

Games with Multiplied Free Spins

Microgaming casinos, such as All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino and Wildjack Casino, are recognized as offering the most games with the most multiplied free spins. Some of the best of these games include:

Avalon: Avalon slots brings the legend of mythical King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table to the gaming screen. This game follows the story of Arthur’s period of recuperation on the island of Avalon following his great battle with Mordred at Camlann. Avalon is the place where Arthur met Merlin the Magician and received his magic sword Excalibur. The Avalon slots features 20 paylines with a maximum bet of 10 coins on each payline. The symbols that appear on the reels include everything that you’d find in Arthur’s royal treasury including gold goblets, coins, gold pendants, treasure chests, royal seals and the royal crown. The Lady of the Lake was a mythical figure in Arthurian legend. 

Three Lady of the Lake symbols trigger the free spins round. Players receive 12 free spins — an average number of free spins for a slot machine. However, in this game free spins wins are multiplied 7x which turns this into a high payout slots. There are two wild symbols that operate during the Free Spins round — the Avalon Logo and the Chest. These wilds expand the win opportunities Free spins reactivate in this game whenever three Lady of the Lake symbols appear on the reels during a free spin.

Bridesmaids: Bridesmaids is a fun-filled slots that follows the exploits of a group of bridesmaids who are preparing for their friend’s wedding. The game is based on the popular film of the same name and features forty paylines which can be activated at up to 15 coins each. You can also play for smaller stakes by placing lower bets on the paylines. The bridesmaids compete amongst themselves to see which of them will be the bride’s favorite. Game symbols include mother of the bride Rita, the maid of dishonor Annie and innocent Becca, perfect Helen and wild Megan. Lillian, the blushing bride, also appears alongside cupcakes, officer Nathan, a cake baby and card suit symbols.

The Wheel Bonus Game brings multipliers and jackpot wins whose values are determined wheel spins. Once you determine these amounts you’ll receive 10 free spins with stacked symbols in the Friendship Bonus Game, 10 free spins with rolling reels and stacked Wilds in the Flying High Bonus Game and a Boutique Bonus game where you match symbols.

With a little research you’ll be able to choose the slot machines that offer you the best multipliers, free spins — and even multiplied free spins wins.

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