DraftKings Reveals Huge Veterans Initiative

By Ben Hamill - November 29 2019

Sports betting and fantasy sports giant DraftKings has announced a massive funding initiative in support of its Tech For Heroes project. The bookie has said that for every point scored during professional football games to be played on this Thanksgiving Day, it will donate a cool $1,000 towards a pre-selected veterans’ non-profit organisation. This translates to the expectation of at least $100,000 donated to veterans support charities, which really is a super boost to the already well over $1 million raised by its own veterans project.

As to why veterans and why Thanksgiving, DraftKings co-founder Matt Kalish explained that the bookie fully recognises the fact that it will not have had the opportunity to reach the levels of success that it has, had it not been for the fact that it is a proudly US business benefiting from the freedom fought for and sacrifices made by the country’s ex-military personnel.

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5 Non-Profits To Benefit

DraftKings has named a total of 5 veterans-focused non-profit organisations to benefit from the fundraiser. They are: Patton Veterans Project, Operation Chillout, Vets in Tech, Veterans Village and the New England Center and Home for Veterans.

Each of the five charities will share in the funds raised in equal measure, with each organisation as it stands at the moment, set to receive at least $20,000 in funding. More may very well be on the table, depending on the actual Thanksgiving Day football points results, of course. The charities will be at liberty to apply the funds however they deem fit within the context of their own initiatives.

About Tech For Heroes

But as mentioned earlier on, the Thanksgiving Day initiative isn’t the famous bookmaker’s first foray into the world of retired vets support. Its own Tech for Heroes initiative has to date trained in excess of 150 retired military men and women in order to equip them with specialised technical skills so as to enable them to reintegrate into civil society by working and making a living.

Course participants are able to enrol for a variety of tech-related disciplines, including coding and presentation. In addition to being taught the actual skills in a practical local job market, veterans are also empowered by having acquired a rich peer-to-peer network. Each vet is issued with a course certificate upon his or her having completed the relevant training course.

A total of 9 different courses are concurrently running in 5 cities. The cities are Las Vegas, Boston, Columbus, Austin and San Francisco.

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