The Canadian Online Gambling Debate Continues

By Ben Hamill - October 20 2019

Canada is, and has been for quite some time, experiencing a right surge in online gambling spend. This applies to money spent on legal online Lottery games offered by crown institutions, as well as money spent offshore thanks to outside operators being free to offer their online casino games to Canadian citizens.

Playing online casino games for real money isn’t illegal in Canada, unless the casino is hosted locally, and not one of the Provincial owned entities. And then, the onus is on the operator not the player to adhere to the law. Local players aren’t in any way prevented from signing up and spending money with foreign operators offering games of chance. The fact that that billions of Canadian dollars are every year being channelled in the direction of foreign operators has sparked anew a wave of intensified conversations regarding the topic of full legalisation and regulation.

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Mobile Sparked The Fire

But what has fuelled the industry to become the big-trade giant that it is today, matters of legality aside? More than any one other thing, the affordable availability of mobile tech; according to the experts. The fact that online gambling games are compatible with most devices running Android or iOS has sparked an online gambling revolution. Coupled with cheap high-speed Internet, mobile devices are literally fast-tracking the online gambling movement.

And so, it stands to perfect reason that policymakers have started to pay attention to the movement and wave of popularity. Federal government has on more than one occasion considered legalising online casino games full on, which implies that local operators may sooner rather than later be able to offer online and mobile casino games to Canadian players.

Heeding The Call Is Imminent

It’s interesting to note that “regional” differences in opinion do exist. Some provinces hold more conservative views on a variety of topics than some others. And it’s for this reason that government has been continuously throwing the ball back into he courts of the provinces.

If online gambling were to be fully legalised in Canada, a similar approach will be adopted by government than that which is followed in the United States. Each US state has the right to decide for itself where it stands on various topics, including betting on single sports events and playing real money gambling games online.

By this logic, some provinces will naturally be keener and significantly more ready to pass legislation in favour of online casino games than others. But despite the varying opinions and obvious challenges associated with regulation, major changes appear imminent as people continue to call for the legalisation of online casino games in the country.

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