How Big Data Is Doing It For Blackjack

By Ben Hamill - December 08 2019

We’re officially a big data generation. We communicate on more levels than ever before and across plains and barriers; or at least our devices do. Everything we do, everywhere we go, everything we touch; it all leaves a digital trace. Some of us use big data for the good of the group, others among us, for more nefarious purposes. Whatever the want or the style, ‘datafication’ is the buzzword and it’s taking the world by storm.

But big data is changing more than just the way in which we are now able to analyse loads of data all at once – both structured as well as unstructured. Its even changing the way we play games. Its especially changing the way we play online Blackjack.

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Creating Timelessness

Blackjack, not unlike Bingo, has withstood the test of time. Bingo for its social element and secondary advantages and Blackjack because winning isn’t completely dependent on chance only. We keep on coming back for more because we know that with a tweaked skillset, Blackjack can become a superbly profitable game indeed.

But what then, has big data to do with Blackjack and is its interference for the better orBlackjacfor the worse? For one, big data means tighter online security. Or in plain-talk, big data makes it a whole lot easier to detect a breach in the encryption of software. But more significant even than matters of security, big data makes it possible for developers to allow their imaginations to truly take flight. If variety is the secret to winning, then big data is the key to success.

Big Data Makes The World Turn

Live Blackjack, for one, would not have been a possibility had it not been for big data. Consider for example live casino specialist developer Evolution Gaming. Evolution makes use of big data for everything from streaming a single live game to potentially thousands of users “seated” around a single live online Blackjack table (with no delays!), to broadcasting visuals and sound that are as crisp and clear as if every player taking part every game were in fact on location in a live casino setting.

And let us not forget about the world of mobile sports betting. The horse is barely out the gate and Messi is barely done doing a circular run-about with his shirt pulled over his bearded face, before its time to place the next bet. And all of this from a mobile device no bigger than the palm of your hand.

Welcome to the world of big data and the future of Blackjack.

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