Bang Bang Games Joins YG Masters Programme

By Ben Hamill - July 14 2020

Bang Bang Games Joins YG Masters Programme

Established earlier this year, emerging young casino games development studio Bang Bang Games has selected Yggdrasil Gaming’s YG Masters program as its global partnership programme of choice. Bang Bang will be drawing on the expertise and distribution power of Yggdrasil’s GATI tech as the number one enabler for its own global marketing and expansion of business strategy and distribution web.

GATI is regulation-ready, preconfigured, and an industry standard across the board. The technology makes the integration process to be a seamless and instant route, allowing upcoming developers the freedom to focus on in-studio development instead of having to be involved with tedious administration- and distribution processes related to regulatory compliance. GATI essentially empowers studios with the cross-selling of their content as well as to expediate worldwide networking and circulation endeavours.

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Congratulations From Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil Gaming head of partner strategy and sourcing, Stuart McCarthy, has in the meantime congratulated Bang Bang on having joined the YG Masters family, and explained that the gaming and entertainment giant has for quite some time now been keeping a close eye on what Yggdrasil now considers to be an impressive team of developers working on equally-impressive game mechanics and specialised products.

McCarthy explained that the team at Yggdrasil Gaming are excited to see Bang Bang develop as a studio as they (Bang Bang) make use of the enabling network’s GATI technology and business networking and cross-sale solutions.

Yggdrasil will be supporting Bang Bang Games in several areas of business, and will provide support around business expansion, compliance, distribution, and overall networking capacity.

Each Has Much To Offer The Other

Bang Bang Games managing director Frank McPolin also commented on the studio having joined Yggdrasil’s YG Masters programme, describing Yggdrasil as the logical choice in a global distribution and commercial network and compliance partner. McPolin said that the Bang Bang team is excited about linking up with a world-renowned partner at the very cusp of innovation in technology and raw distribution power.

McPolin also said that the members of the Bang Bang team have been huge fans of Yggdrasil Gaming and of what the leading studio has been doing for many years, as well as of those already previously part of the global distribution network empowered by its proprietary GATI technology.

McPolin said that he’s confident that Yggdrasil Gaming will not only support Bang Bang Games as it moves forward, but that by the same token, Bang Bang will also bring a unique culture of its own to the Yggdrasil Gaming table.

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