Aristocrat Debuts Westworld-Themed Slot

By Ben Hamill - December 15 2018

Aristocrat Debuts Westworld-Themed Slot

Having released two seasons to date, Westworld is by far one of the most popular current shows on TV. The sci-fi, fantasy based series is now set to be brought to life in a brand new way as well; more specifically, in a sleek slot machine from Aristocrat.

The gaming company has revealed that it is about to launch the exciting new game cabinet, providing Westworld fans with everything they need for great real money entertainment. Other players at casinos will reportedly also be able to enjoy a unique new element of gameplay, and perhaps even be introduced to the series’ lore-rich universe in the process.

The basis of the show is the Delos Lab and the actual area of Westworld. Players of Aristocrat’s new slot will be taken on a journey through this region, joining their favorite characters on the screen as they score big wins. There are plenty of unexpected twists in the story as well, not to mention impressive visuals and landscapes portrayed in epic HD.

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Authentic Source Material Included

Aristocrat has been careful to pay as much homage as possible to the popular television show, and has featured some of its most memorable scenes in-game. When it starts up, players will be treated to a soundtrack of the brand’s authentic theme music, and can spin the reels as they follow Teddy and Dolores throughout various scenes of the slot.

Commenting on the release, European Gaming has noted that the new slot machine will allow players to ‘experience two different worlds’ on its reels. The top set of symbols, they said, represents the Delos lab world, while the bottom set is themed according to the Westworld Park. Players can place their bets in two separate, innovative games, with bigger wagers merging the two sets of symbols to completely engage punters in the action.

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New Slot Joins Mad Max: Fury Road

The new title has now officially joined a new group of exclusive licensed slots from Aristocrat. The collection includes other world-famous brands like Mad Max: Fury Road, a title that was recently unveiled by the developer as well.

Based on the smash hit film of the same name, Mad Max: Fury Road was first revealed at the 2018 Global Gaming Expo that took place back in October. It was there where Aristocrat appeared to show off their latest innovations in Las Vegas, allowing operators to test drive its latest titles in order to experience all that they have to offer.