Playtech Appoints Two New Non-Exec Directors

By Ben Hamill - April 09 2019
Playtech Announces Two New Director Appointments

In an attempt to set the pace and keep up with global investment changes, Playtech has made the call to appoint two new non-executive directors to its board. Anna Massion and John Krumins will be acting in their capacities as independent directors and their appointments were largely driven by their vast and valuable experience in corporate finance, asset management and investor relations.

Playtech has been on a transformation course ever since that ill timed 2017 47% drop in the overall value of the company’s shares. Much headway has been made since then, but the company continues to streamline its operations as well as import new human resources and expertise in order to turn its ship around.

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Experience Is A Mighty Asset

Massion isn’t only a renowned global gaming industry expert; she also has more than 15 years in asset management and investment banking experience under her belt. Massion comes with a stunning and impressive portfolio, having previously served in various positions at JP Morgan, PAR Capital Management, Hedgeye Risk Management and Marathon Asset Management.

As for Krumins, 20 years worth of experience in complex project management, corporate finance,  and also technology, promises to serve Playtech’s purposes to a large and significant extent. In order for the company to obtain and retain a proper hold on its operations, and especially its corporate finances and operational strategies, it needs all of the help and expertise that it can get.

Krumins previously worked for Morgan Stanley as well as for the Deutsche Bank, and currently acts in the capacity of chairman of Wavex Technology.

Evolution Of The Board

According to Playtech’s own chairman, Alan Jackson, the two new appointments could not have come at a better time and marks yet another step forward towards a complete board-evolution. The ever-changing landscape of the world of global finance poses many challenges to all industries, and the gaming and entertainment industry literally finds itself in the eye of that particular storm.

Global currency conversions, asset management challenges, corporate finance structures and even operational strategies is all in a day’s work to the gaming industry, and particularly to the iGaming industry.

Jackson said that if Playtech were to remain a market leader in regulated global regions, then constant growth and progress is necessary. This has to happen first at board level and then at operational level. The company certainly appears to have chosen wisely in terms of the new members of the board.

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