World Lotteries Association Responsible Gaming Awards Winners

By Ben Hamill - May 13 2016

Gaming Awards Winners


Since 2006 the World Lotteries Association, a recognized international lotteries association of more than 140 member organizations which promotes responsible play along with policies that will grow sales and returns to good causes , presents yearly awards for lotteries that actively promote responsible lottery play through its Responsible Gaming Framework.

WLA Awards

In 2014 the WLA presented two Canadian lotteries with coveted awards. These included

  • Best Overall Responsible Gaming Program Awardto theOntario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
  • Best Innovation in Responsible Gaming to theAtlantic Lottery

WLA Responsible Gaming Framework

The awards were presented to WLA members OLG and Atlantic Lottery due to their adherence to the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework. This framework involves four levels of responsible gaming principles that WLA believes serve as the foundation for creating and operating a top-level lottery. These principles are flexible. They allow for regional and cultural differences and have been designed to complement and improve safeguards which create a safe and secure lottery experience for local lottery players. By following these principles in day-to-day operations the lotteries demonstrate their commitment to fair, safe and secure lottery activities.

Levels include:

  1. Commitment — commitment is the first level of the RGF. Membership in WLA demonstrates a lottery’s commitment to the Responsible Gaming principles.
  2. Self-Assessment and Gap Analysis — these processes involves a process of self-assessment in which the WLA member determines the Responsible Gaming programs that they need to address to ensure heightened awareness and facilitation of responsible lottery activity.
  3. Planning and Implementation — by planning and implementing innovations and advances in lottery technology and development, the member demonstrates that they have developed a plan, a budget and a timetable for implementing needed programs for responsible gaming.
  4. Continuous Improvement — the member lottery is expected to demonstrate continuous improvement in its day to-day operations which enhances their responsible gaming program. Improvement goals include advances in the fields of:
    1. Employee programs
    2. Retailer programs
    3. Research
    4. Game designs
    5. Remote Gaming channels
    6. Player Education
    7. Advertising and marketing Communications
    8. Stakeholder Engagement
    9. Treatment Referral
    10. Reporting and Measurement Standards


To be nominated for any of the WLG awards, the lottery must be certified by WLA at Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4, depending on the award category. The Submissions are evaluated by the WLA RG Independent Assessment Panel which is comprised of a selection of international experts from the field of corporate social responsibility. The Responsible Gaming Independent Assessment Panel (RGIAP) reviews all nominations which, through its knowledge and expertise evaluate the nominees, is able to make its decision. WLA expects that, through these awards, all WLA members will continue to improve and optimize their responsible gaming programs.

OLG Award

The WLA Best Overall Responsible Gaming Program award was presented to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) in November 2014. The award was announced during the WLA’s biennial general meeting, held in Rome, Italy. The award is only presented once every two years. Recipients of the award are recognized for excellence in Responsible Gambling.


Accepting the award for OLG, Tom Marinelli, Acting President and CEO of OLG said "Over the past nine years, OLG has worked with problem gambling experts to develop an effective RG program. We're proud of the standard we are pursuing when it comes to RG and the recognition our program continues to receive. While we have made great strides, we will never stop making improvements guided by external research and the expectations of our customers."


OLG was singled out for the award partially due to its activities to limit problem gaming that have been initiated as follow-up to recent research done by gambling experts and leading researchers. OLG set in motion an enterprise-wide Responsible Gambling program so that lottery players will have access to updated information which can assist them in making informed choices about their lottery and other gambling pursuits. OLG has invested in innovative technology, comprehensive employee training and collaboration with community organizations, to provide a gateway to effective support services. All 19 OLG gaming sites were evaluated by RG Check which is the most rigorous RG accreditation program in the world.


WLA notes that the OLG modernization is continuing as private sector service providers begin to take over some of the Ontario lottery’s day to day operations. This gives OLG the opportunity to evolve into a more focused organization, as they manage the provincial gaming market and lottery while they maintain the WLA’s Responsible Gambling program Gold Standard.


Atlantic Lottery Award

Atlantic Lottery, which was one of the first lotteries in the world to be certified as a Level 4 lottery by the WLA, was recertified in 2013 and, in 2014, won the award for the Best Innovation in Responsible Gaming.


The Atlantic Lottery received their award, in part, due to current and innovative practices which provide lottery players multiple lottery options including dare-to-dream draw games, breakopen tickets, scratch ‘n win games, sports betting, games in social settings and online gaming.

As a lottery which is committed to responsible gaming, the Atlantic Lottery receives guidance form an Organizational Development and Social Responsibility Committee that oversees the lottery’s metrics and actions, ensures continuous improvements on any gaps that have been identified during WLA Level 4 audits, ensures that the Atlantic lottery resubmits for Level 4 certification every three years and oversees and offers advice, insights and recommendations regarding programs, policies, procedures and actions that will assist Atlantic Lottery in responding appropriately to its economic, social and environmental social responsibilities.


The WLA operates an Academy that produces an ongoing program of seminars which addresses lottery sector issues, organizes and promotes lottery gaming events, facilitates seminars and conventions for lottery operators, promotes lottery research and provides operators with written materials that give them the tools to make their local lotteries more effective and efficient.

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