What's Happening in Western Canada Lottery News? - July 2021

By Ben Hamill - August 20 2015

What's Happening in Western Canada Lottery News

Alberta, part of the Western Canada Lottery Association, announced that a multi-million dollar lottery ticket was sold in the province and the winner is being sought. The ticket is a Lotto Max ticket and is worth $50 million dollars. It is the second $50 million ticket sold in Alberta since the lottery was introduced in 1980. The others were claimed in December 2013 and January 2015. The $50 million dollar tickets are the second-largest lottery wins for Alberta, with Alberta’s biggest winner being a $54 million dollar ticket sold in 2005 through Lotto 6/49.

Even as lottery officials work to track down the current $50 million winner, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation announced that a $1 million dollar ticket, bought through the MaxMillions game, will also be going to an Alberta resident. The winner, who lives in Edmonton, will be claiming his ticket this week.

Alberta has seen a record number of million dollar prizes over the last year as well as prizes totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since July 2014 45 tickets totaling $206.4 million dollars have paid out to Alberta residents.

Last week’s MaxMillion winning numbers were five, thirteen, twenty, thirty seven, forty and forty one. The bonus number was twenty eight.

The jackpot in the Lotto Max competition rises every week. Next week’s Lotto Max jackpot will equal approximately $12 million dollars.

Western Canada Lottery Corporation

Alberta is a partner of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, the non-profit gaming authority for Western Canada which was established by the provincial governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. The corporation is authorised by the provincial legislatures to conduct, manage and operate lottery and gaming activities in their territories. The Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory and Nunavut participate in the Western Canada Lottery Corporation as associate members. WCLC is the representative of each province’s Gaming and Liquor Commission. It facilitates lotteries and other gambling activities within each participating province.

WCLC markets national games in the Western provinces including

  • Lotto 6/
  • LOTTO Max

WCLC also operates regional games which include

  • Western 649
  • Pick 3
  • Sport Select
  • Western Max Extra
  • Keno
  • Scratch ‘n Win (multiple variations)

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General Outline

Two of the most popular WCLC games involve the Western 649 and the Lotto Max. In the Western 694 the player aims to match five numbers. The prize for matching 5 numbers is $500.

The Lotto Maxmillion is a draw. Participants pay $5 and receive three seven-number selections. The Ticket Terminal selects two sets of numbers and the player selects one set. Jackpots, which start at a minimum of $10 million dollars, grow each week. In some provinces jackpots have reached $60 million dollars before they’ve been won and claimed. As soon as the Lotto Max jackpot exceeds $50 million dollars, the game expands to include draws for $1 million dollars each.

Some other Lotto Max options include the Friday Extra, the 1-25 draws and the Quick Pick. Players are invited to add an extra $1 per play to compete for the $250,000 top prize or $100,000 second prize in the Friday Extra Draw. Participants who wish to play the 1-25 draw direct the lottery vendor regarding the number of draws in which they wish to participate. To participate in a Quick Pick Draw, the participant uses a selection Slip and chooses his own numbers. Alternately, the Ticket Terminal will randomly choose the selections. Seven numbers are selected from a field of 1-49.

If a Maxmillions or Lotto Max Jackpot isn’t won, the jackpot amount carries over and is then added to the jackpot amount of the next draw. Maxmillions prizes are added to those of the next draw while the Lotto Max Jackpot stops growing at $60 million. In the MaxMillions draw, $1 million prizes go to any wins beyond the $60 jackpot.

Lotto Max Free Plays involve Lotto Max tickets or Combo Play tickets in which the player receives a ticket with three seven-number Quick Pick selections. The player has the option to add an additional $1 and add one extra number to the ticket. Wins on more than one ticket for multiple draws are printed whenever the player wins four or more Free Plays on his ticket.

Ways to Play

There are multiple ways to play the Western Canada Lottery. The Lotto Packs allow players to combine different lottery competitions into one pack. A 649 Pack costs $6 and includes one Western 649 ticket, an Extra “Entered and a Quick Pick selection. Alternately, a 649 Pack will include a National 6/49 ticket with a Quick Pick line selection, an Extra “Entered” and a Guaranteed Prize Draw. Max Packs — value $9 — consist of one Lotto Max tickets, an Extra “Entered and three Quick Pick selections OR a Western Max ticket, an Extra “Entered and three Quick Pick selections. There are also Weekly Lotto Packs and Super Packs.

There are Group Plays for people who want to divide the ticket costs and divide wins. In a Play by Subscription plan, the participant selects the plan and pays by subscription. The advantage of such a plan is that, in addition to being assured that they’re not missing any games, the WCLC automatically checks the numbers after each draw and notifies the winner.

Combo Play

One of the most popular play options is the Combo Play in which a participant plays combinations of number on the same Lotto Max, Western 649, Lotto 6/49 or Western Max ticket. Participants can ask the vendor for a Combo Play Quick Pick or use a Selection Slip to choose their own numbers. Wins are identical to those chosen on a regular selection, but with the multiple selections, multiple prizes are paid out. It’s possible to play up to $1000 per draw with a maximum of 25 draws. Odds of a Combo Play win are determined by the number of combinations and the chosen game. Players receive two Quick Pick Combinations on Western Max and Lotto Max tickets and, on a Lotto 6/49, the Combo ticket includes Guaranteed Prize Draw entries. It’s always possible to add an Extra number on a Combo Play ticket with a $250,000 top prize goal.

Western Canada residents enjoy a wide range of lottery options in to meet their individual preferences.

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