UK Man Dupes Lottery Out of £2.5m

By Ben Hamill - September 17 2018

UK Man Dupes Lottery With Fake Ticket

In the UK, a local British man has officially been charged with fraud after allegedly using a fake national lottery ticket to claim a sizable cash prize. The value of the jackpot in question was a whopping £2.5 million, which will no doubt play a role in the severity of the fraudster’s upcoming sentence, especially considering its proportionate value nine years ago.

Edward Putman, a Brit hailing from Kings Langley in Hertfordshire, stepped forward back in 2009 after appeals were sent out about an unclaimed winning ticket. After verifying his details and his ticket, the national lotto operator handed over a multi-million Pound prize, making him temporarily successful in his plans.

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Police Investigation Ensues

However, Hertfordshire police eventually cottoned on after what many have presumed were anonymous tip-offs about the player’s seemingly innocuous good fortune. They began an investigation into the ‘winner’s’ case around three years ago, after evidence surfaced that suggested that Putman’s claim might not have been authentic.

Since then, it has been definitively revealed that Putman had indeed attempted to dupe the UK’s largest lottery operator. He has since been charged with fraud by false representation, and will soon appear in court to state his case and receive a sentence.

According to a local police spokesman, in 2015, Hertfordshire constabulary’s serious fraud and cyber unit officially launched an investigation. According to the policeman, this move was made after evidence came to light that the claim was false, although he did not offer any other information as to how the great fraud was pulled off – or how Putman managed to dupe a national organisation.

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Camelot Spokesperson Comments

A spokesman from Camelot, the national lotto operator, further added that the company is aware that the individual has now been charged. However, they said, as much as many people would love to know more details on the case, they do not feel that it is appropriate to comment at this point in time, especially that the matter is now involved with criminal proceedings.

After being held in custody since his arrest, Putman was released on bail in time to appear at St Albans magistrate’s court on October 16, 2018. Considering the severity of the fraud and the amount he managed to pocket from duping Camelot, experts are expecting something of a hefty sentence for the fraudster, who is now approaching his sixties.

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