Washington DC Says Yes To Sports Betting

By Ben Hamill - September 04 2019

Washington DC Says Yes To Sports Betting

Washington DC is officially joining the sports betting party. Just days ago, the District of Columbia Lottery announced that sports enthusiasts would soon be able to legally wager on sports events and competitions. According to DC Lottery spokesperson and director of marketing and communications Nicole Jordan, bettors won’t have to wait too long to come out to play as a regulated local market should be in place in a matter of a couple of weeks.

The market will follow a model of inclusivity and outside bookies not directly associated with DC Lottery will be in a position to apply for a licence too. Intralot will be the official sports betting service provider to DC Lottery.

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Types Of Licenses

According to Jordan, two types of licences will be made available and can be applied for by private operators. The first is a provisional licence. This will apply to those operators already providing sports betting services and products to other world markets and now want to expand their scope of business to DC State. Provisional licences will be granted on a 6-month basis, after which the licence will either be extended for another 6 month or in the case or non-compliance or non-performance, will be revoked.

Those operators who have had provisional licenses revoked will not be in a position to apply for the second type for the second type of the two licenses, being a full licence. The opposite will also apply in that if an application for a full license is for whatever reason or reasons denied, the operator in question will be required to forfeit its right to a provisional licence and will no longer be permitted to operate in the Washington DC’s sports betting market.

Licensing Criteria And Charges

Only operators who are licensed in one or more of the following markets will be considered for a provisional licence: Canadian province British Columbia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

Licences will be classed according to the nature of the initial application. Class A licence-holders, for example, will be permitted to accept wagers on events played at the state’s four major sports venues. Other local establishments will slot into the category of a Class B licence. Licence fees payable will be $500,000 for a Class A licence and $100,000 for a Class B licence. Annual renewal levies will be somewhat reduced.

Those in possession of a Class A licence will enjoy the added benefit of being permitted to offer mobile sports betting services. These will however be issued subject to the applicable geo-restrictions. Class A and Class B licences will both be granted for an initial period of 5 years, after which they may or may not be renewed for a further period of 5 years.

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