SG Plans To Expand Lottery In North America

By Ben Hamill - June 10 2019
SG Plans To Expand Lottery In North America

If there’s any one reason behind Scientific Games Corporation’s success, it’s because it is a business that tends to really read its markets and customers for any tendencies or changes. And it’s for the very same reason that the company is doing big things in its Northern America regions. SG Corp has said that following the rise of instant-win scratch card style Lottery games, the company has deemed it critical to roll out related products in the North American market.

According to John Schultz, Senior VP of Instant Lottery Products, it’s become necessary to also re-align the corporation’s approach to local manufacturing, as this is what the North American market appears to be demanding at the moment. The new approach to manufacturing involves making use of speciality inks, paper and designs, which will be distributed not only to the most Northern regions of the US, but the world over to all of SG Corp’s global partners.

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2019 Is A Good Year

SG Corp has been doing much in general in the way of expansion. Scientific Games subsidiary SciPlay Corporation has recently applied to go public. SciPlay Corp. has even gone as far has having announced the pricing structure of its IPO offering, as well as some details about the number of shares on offer that it will be making available to the public at large. The expectation is that 22 million common Class A shares will be issued during the initial phase. The shares will be priced at $16 each, at least this is what it will cost for a share to start with. After the initial offering, investors will be granted a 30-day period, during which roughly 3.3 million more public shares will be made available.

In April, right after SciPlay Corp’s application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to go public with its shares was announced, the company made known the news that it would be willing to accept $14 per share. The fact that it now appears that the company is in a position to sell of its shares for much more than previously anticipated, is very good news indeed, and is bound to instil fresh new investor confidence.

Lotto Is Their Forte

SG Corp’s Lottery products are by far its most popular and the company also provides various forms of technical support on systems all over the world. Scientific Games has become synonymous with quality Lottery games offerings.

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