WCLC’s $500k Scratch Ticket Makes History

By Ben Hamill - June 09 2019

WCLC’s $500k Scratch Ticket Makes History

The Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC) understands that player engagement paves the road to success. The WCLC, in partnership with Pollard Banknote Ltd., has launched a number of very popular instant-win Lottery scratch card competitions over the years. Players enjoy the thrill of buying a ticket that is able to reveal an instant on-the-spot win. Waiting for the numbers to fall twice a week is exciting in its own right, but there’s something special about knowing that a single scratch card can chance anyone’s life right in the moment. But taking into account the success that the operator has enjoyed thanks to its scratch card games, none of the past games have caused quite the wave of excitement that has been put into motion by THE BIG $PIN.

THE BIG $PIN is a recent addition to the operator’s scratch card range of competitions. The tickets are designed in bright and luminous colours, which no doubt adds to the massive popularity of the new game. And really, when considering that prize money totalling $500,000 is up for grabs by just about anyone in possession of a ticket, one begins to understand why THE BIG $PIN is just about the hottest Lottery commodity in Canada at the moment.

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Pollard Knows Its Business

Commenting on the chosen bright colours, Pollard has said that it stands to perfect reason that the more colourful and noticeable the scratch cards are, the better the chances of players noticing the tickets and deciding to give it a go.

Pollard Inc., on a more personal point of order, knows exactly what it is talking about. The corporation has been partnering with various Canadian Lottery operators for many years now, and their specialty is scratch cards. Not only do they recognise the simple value of bumping up a product into full priority view thanks to an element as simple as bright colours, but Pollard has developed a masterful hand when it comes to concocting special promotions involving instant win scratch cards.

Dreaming Big On TV

A big part of the massive popularity enjoyed by the WCLC’s latest game is the fact that players have the opportunity to enjoy more than just a few minutes of scratch card joy. Any ticket displaying the words SPIN WIN offers to the holder thereof the opportunity to appear on television in a special BIG $PIN WIN wheel-of-fortune style game show.

Once in possession of a special ticket, the player is assured of winning anything between $100,000 and $500,000! Talk about an attractive add-on feature that is bound to become a player magnet that is rivalled by no other.

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