Round Up of February Canadian Lottery Winners

By Ben Hamill - February 27 2016


The waning days of 2015 and the first weeks of 2016 was a great time for dozens of Canadian lottery winners who took home prizes that totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So far the big winner of 2016 is Robert Goertzen who won $21.9 million in the February 20th 2016 Lotto 6/49 draw. Goertzen, a heavy equipment driver, bought his ticket at the Real Canadian Superstore on Baron Road in Kelowna. He checked his ticket at the Superstore and, when the bells rang to indicate a big win, the store got quiet. Then, everyone in the store crowded around him to congratulate him.

Goertzen said that he plans to continue to playing the Lotto but he has other plans as well. "I'm going to buy a diesel truck and a new 5th wheel trailer for myself and a Jeep for my girlfriend and of course, I'll pay off my debt. I also want to help my child with her future and provide the best education money can buy."

Some other recent Canadian lottery highlights:


Six Ontario residents have million dollar wins which will enable them to start off 2016 on the right foot.

Arlene Asis of Mississauga played the 6/49 Lottery and won the $1 million guaranteed prize. She was a bit abashed to admit that the winning ticket had been sitting in her purse for 3 weeks before she thought to check. "When I scanned it on the self-checker I thought I won $10,000 but when I handed it over to be validated, I realized I'd actually won $1 million! I couldn't believe it — I was jumping, crying and shaking!" Ann bought her winning ticket at the Petro Canada in Mississauga. She plans to pay off her mortgage and some debits and then take a cruise with her husband to celebrate their anniversary. "This win means financial stability for my whole family," she said.

In Cambridge Laurie and Norbert Hefferman won $1 million after buying a Lotto Max Maxmillions ticket at the Hasty Market on Can-Amera Parkway. Their prize was awarded at the end of 2015. During the checking procedure they were happy to have won — what they thought was — $20 plus 2 free plays. Then, the Big Win notification came up. The Heffermans are planning a trip to the Bahamas. They will also pay off their mortgage and save for retirement".

Jean-Pierre SauveofOttawais another late 2015 winner, taking home $1 million after he won theGuaranteed $1Million Prize in aLOTTO 6/49draw. Jean-Pierre described the moment that he found out that he had won. "The moment I found out I had won, I started to shake and my legs got wobbly. I checked my ticket and couldn't believe it. I'm still in shock.” To celebrate his win Jean-Pierre will buy his parents a 80 inch television and will then decide how to proceed from there

A Lotto Max Maxmillions win netted Charles Langille a $1 million payout after buying his ticket at the Lottery Emporium on Hespeler Road. "I checked my ticket at Casino Brantford when I was there to pick up a gift card" said Langille. "I didn't have my glasses on so at first I thought I won $1,000. When I looked more closely, I thought I won $10,000. And then it hit me. I whispered to my wife, ‘I think we won a million dollars'." The Langilles are planning a vacation with friends. "Maybe Aruba" Charles said.

The small town of Sault Ste. Marie saw one of its citizens score a bit win when Marlene Ruck won a $1,000,000 prize in the January 15, 2016 LOTTO MAX draw.Marlene said that "I was shocked when I realized I won. I called my husband to meet me at the store because I didn't know what to do with the great news!"Marlene will add a portion of the payout to her retirement fund but is also planning some celebration for the present. "We'll take the kids and grandkids to Disney World!"

Thomas Stoll won $1 million in late 2015 with his Lotto Max Millions winning ticket which he purchased at the Garrett's Convenience on Talbot Street in Port McNicoll. "The store clerk checked my ticket and when the words ‘Big Winner' came up on the screen, I went numb" said Tom. "I tried to tell my girlfriend the news but at first, she didn't believe me. I can be a bit of a joker!" He plans to buy a house and cars and set aside some money for his kids. He also plans to “definitely give back to the community."


Lisa Marie Page from Surry decided to play the Diamond Payout simply because she likes gems. "I play random scratch and win tickets once in a while. I picked this one up because I love jewelry and this ticket is named Diamond Payout" Page said. She bought her ticket at the Wildwood Foods in Williams Lake. After she buys a condo Page plans to travel.


An Airdrie couple have their dogs to thank for their $14.5 million Lotto 6/49 win. The mischievous animals, both rescue dogs, had made a mess and. Christian went out to pick up some supplies to clean the carpet and, without thinking about it much, he picked up a ticket. When he took the ticket back to the retailer a few days later he discovered that his rescue dogs’ trouble-making activities had resulted in some big bucks. Regarding plans, Monique Etienne said “we were talking about how we can just help to make a lot of people happy. I’ve always wanted to take my mom back to Norway, her home country. Now I can.” Their dogs, Chancey and Kira, are also happy — they’ve been given a reprieve from the doghouse.


In Manitoba, Bruce Dryden hit the LOTTO 6/49, winning $157,407.80 at the end of December to complete his Christmas cheer. "I didn't know my ticket had won anything until I went to the store and checked it," Dryden said. "I scanned it three times; the first time I just didn't believe it, the second time I took a better look at the screen, and the third time it started to sink in — I'm a winner!" Dryden and his wife plan to use the winnings to redo their kitchen and explore early retirement options.

Atlantic Lottery

There have been three big lottery winners so far this February in the Atlantic Lottery. Terry and Leslie Bemister of Paradise,Newfoundland won $25, 649, Bernadette Moore of Oromocto, New Brunswick won $55,033 and Harold Mullin of Lower Derby New Brunswick won $77,777.