Port Alberni Couple Hits $5m Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - February 21 2019

Port Alberni Couple Hits $5m Jackpot

February has been another thrilling month on Canada’s lotto front! In the latest lottery-related news, a couple living in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island are now $5 million in the green after winning big in last week’s Lotto 6/49 prize draw.

Harold and Madelaine Thomas, a married couple living in the aforementioned port town, were delighted to discover that they were the ones holding the elusive $5 million ticket announced by officials just days ago. The slip matched all 6 numbers selected in the draw, awarding them the full cash prize pool on offer.

According to Harold in a telephonic interview with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, the win has been “exciting to numbness.” When the BCLC phoned him on February 13 to get his thoughts on his amazing win, he said that his luck was something you dream about, but never think will actually happen. However, he has since changed his mind, noting that anybody can win.

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How the Lucky Win was Discovered

The winning slip was bought at the A-1 Convenience Store on Redford Street, Port Alberni. Both Harold and his wife Madelaine purchase lotto tickets each week, and after hearing about the recent news that a lucky ticket was purchased in Port Alberni, Harold quickly drove to his chosen outlet to have his own tickets checked. Unfortunately, he hadn’t won a cent!

It wasn’t until the night of Tuesday, February 12 that Madelaine decided to have her tickets checked too. The machine quickly started “going crazy”, according to her husband, so they raced off to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation the next morning to confirm that they had indeed struck lotto gold.

Couple Plans to Stay in Alberni

Harold Thomas was born and raised in the town of Port Alberni, and he met his wife in Victoria. After living in the latter city for a while, the couple moved back to Harold’s home town to raise their kids. They have two sons, and three grandchildren – soon to be four, as another one is due to be born this coming August.

The couple are reportedly planning to stay put in their current home where they raised their precious family, and might do some renovations on it rather than buying a new home outright. In Harold’s simple words, “We like Port Alberni.”

Aside from some home renovations and perhaps a new car, the Thomas’ plans for the money is to put the bulk of it aside for their kids and grandchildren. One thing is certain – they will never have to stress about the costs of vacations, college funds and first cars ever again!