Players Win Combined $5m in Lotto 649 Draw

By Ben Hamill - August 01 2018

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Canadian lottery news has been packed with big winners of late, including some notable shared wins between an aunt and her nephew and a group of five IT consultants from Ontario. However, as revealed by the Canadian Press just days ago in a fresh report, yet another $5 million in winnings will soon be shelled out to three lucky local 649 ticket holders.

The three lottery players, based in Quebec, Ontario, and the Prairies, are reportedly set to share a whopping $5m in prize money after hitting the jackpot on in the Saturday night Lotto 649 draw. Each of the three winning tickets is worth a whopping $1,666,666, and will no doubt make the trio of winners very happy when their prizes are officially handed over!

August 649 Draw Offers Another $5m

The draw in question actually offered just one guaranteed $1 million prize, which was won by the ticket holder situated in the Prairies. The other two windfalls were struck by sheer luck, it seems, taking the total tally from an impressive $1 million to over 5 times that value.

Additionally, three players in British Columbia, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces matched five of the six winning numbers on their tickets – plus the bonus numbers – collecting a cool $69,850 each in the process.

In the meanwhile, the rest of Canada’s lotto players should not feel left out by the astounding turn of events. The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on August 1 is currently also standing at $5 million, giving even more participants the chance to change their lives with a similarly massive sum of cash.

Lotto 649

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Four Unclaimed Jackpots Remain

In other lotto-related news, several million-dollar winning tickets from the Saskatchewan region have still not been claimed, according to media reports. The most recent winning ticket dates back to July 28, 2018, seeing its holder technically become the winner of the guaranteed $1 million from another Lotto 649 draw. However, no word has surfaced from the lucky ticket holder just yet.

Three other guaranteed $1 million tickets from draws in May are also still outstanding. They include a ticket from May 16, with winning numbers 21639913-01; a ticket from June 8 for a Western Max draw with winning numbers 13, 19, 24, 25, 28, 33, and 34; and a June 16 Lotto 649 guaranteed prize ticket with winning numbers 36810921-01.

All winners have a year from the date of their winning draws to claim their prizes before they are transferred to different jackpots, giving other players a chance to bag the prize of a lifetime.

Lott 649 Lucky Draw