Ontario Lottery and Gaming Partners With NFL

By Ben Hamill - February 11 2022

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Partners With NFL

The National Football League (NFL) and Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) are now officially partners. This is big news for a number of reasons, not in the least due the fact that this is the first time an Ontario sportsbook has partnered with the sporting behemoth. Though, what the partnership ultimately means is that PROLINE is now the only confirmed online sportsbook platform of the NFL.

It is, of course, no surprise that the partnership is being announced when it is. Super Bowl LVI is due to kick in just a few days, set to take place in Los Angeles. Both companies were likely eager to get their ducks in a row before the inevitable flood of wagers.

Most interesting of all is that the partnership is not only exclusive but is also set to last a full 5 years. The OLG are certainly in a very good position.

An Evolving Betting Landscape

Gavin Kemp, director of corporate partnerships at the NFL, made a statement. He first acknowledged that the sports betting landscape is evolving steadily, especially as far as the Ontario market is concerned. He went on to declare that, together, the NFL and OLG would be bringing locals a whole new level of sports betting entertainment.

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As far as a whole new level of sports betting entertainment is concerned, details have been scarce. Neither company has yet elaborated on what will be added to the PROLINE app. All that has been said so far is that new football related content is planned, including special events, promotions, and exclusive opportunities.

What any of this means is still a mystery.

Timing Is Everything

It is well known that Ontario is on the brink of opening up its iGaming market. This means a number of new operators are set to enter the landscape, providing locals with a wave of new gambling options. Good for Ontarians, but also a sign that the OLG is soon to be facing an unprecedented level of competition. Hence the company must have moved quickly to secure the partnership in advance.

The company’s chief digital and strategy officer, Dave Pridmore, shared a few thoughts. He declared that he is excited to have secured the partnership, adding that PROLINE is currently the only platform where locals may place legal single event wagers.

What the new wave of competition really means for Ontarians, and the corporation, is something that remains to be seen.