One Day, Two Winners in the OLG Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - March 27 2016

OLG Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

Things are always exciting at the OLG headquarters when a big payout is scheduled, but recently, the excitement was multiplied x2 when two lucky winners each picked up$60million after winning Lotto $60 million jackpots. John Henry and Joan Patterson, both from Ontario, accepted $60 million checks at the OLG headquarters in Toronto.

Mississauga Produces Another Winner

Mississauga has produced more than its share of OLG winners over the past several years and now it has another one — a big one.

John Henry of Mississauga had just returned from his daily walk when he decided to check the numbers on the Lotto Max tickets that he had purchased at the R&R Newsstand in Mississauga's Westdale Mall. It was Boxing Day when the retired human resources manager went online to check the OLG site. One after another, his numbers matched until, he realized all of the numbers were perfect matches. "I circled every single (number) then blurted out a few choice words that I won't repeat," Henry said. Henry explained his preference for playing the Lotto Max, explaining that "LOTTO MAX is the only lottery I play and when the jackpot gets big, I buy a few extra tickets. My numbers are always quick picks."

Once Henry realized that he had a winning ticket he became concerned about how he could keep his ticket safe until the end of Christmas Day weekend. Henry discovered his win on Boxing Day and the banks were closed for the entire weekend, disrupting his plans to secure the ticket in a safe deposit box. "I had the winning $60 million ticket but all the banks were closed so I couldn't put it into my safety deposit box until the following Tuesday! The darn thing felt like a hot potato" he said, remembering his frustration.

Once the ticket was safely secured in a safe deposit box Henry and his wife could start to dream. Henry took two months to get his affairs in order before he came forward to claim the win. He described his emotions when speaking to reporters at a news conference at the OLG headquarters in Toronto. “It takes a while to sink in, and I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet. But it feels great,”

Henry plans to use some of his money to do some renovations on his house, help family and friends and take a family vacation, but otherwise, he will focus on not letting the win change his life. “We’re not people who are into material things all that much and I don’t think we will get into material things,” Henry said. "We'll blow it, but we'll blow it on good causes,"

Henry and his wife are focused on using a portion of the jackpot prize for charity. "There are certain causes my wife and I believe in and are happy to support including children's health, children's sports and mental health initiatives," he said. He plans to open a charitable foundation to support children’s athletics and health programs, including programs for mental health.

Henry does plan to splurge a bit. “I’ve always enjoyed horse racing,” he said in expressing his hope for a trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Owen Sound

Joan Patterson of the small rural community of Owen Sound was the second recent Ontario $60 million winner in the Lotto Max Draw. Owen Sound, located at the mouths of the Pottawatomi and Sydenham Rivers on an inlet of Georgian Bay, has a population of approximately 21,000 people and one new millionaire.

Patterson and her husband operate a ranch in Owen Sound. Patterson bought her ticket at a Quick Pick at Grant's Your Independent Grocer in Hanover, Ontario and then went on vacation. It was only 12 days, after their return that she remembered the ticket as she and her husband Jim were drinking coffee at a mall. Patterson joked that she’d better “go and see about my $60 million ticket." When Patterson took her ticket to a kiosk, she got the surprise of a lifetime. At first the retired flight attendant was pleased to think that she'd won $6,000. Then more zeroes appeared, "a lot of zeroes."

"I saw the words ‘big winner' and just stared at all those zeros. I whispered to myself — I DID win it. The mall was pretty quiet so I handed the ticket to the girl at the counter. When she saw the prize amount, her eyes widened and she put her hands up to her mouth. I leaned over the counter and told her — please don't say a word."

Patterson nonchalantly returned to the ranch with her husband to feed the five horses, Penny the mule, three miniature donkeys — Rose, Benjamin and Daphne — and assorted dogs and cats. Then she told her husband about the ticket. He thought that she was kidding "until he saw the look on my face… we laughed and hugged then went back to work."

Joan split her win with her husband and the two of them are beginning to plan how to spend the ticket. They are preparing to re-fence their ranch, do some home renovations, get a new truck, a new horse trailer and splurge on a new silver Corvette.

Jim wants "an RV with all the bells and whistles so we can head out on our next great adventure — maybe a trip west and go where other cowboys go."