OLG Does Its Bit For Local Communities

By Ben Hamill - January 24 2020


The OLG has been an on going boon of financial support to the communities hosting its various casinos and gaming venues across Ontario. Canadian casino legislation determines that all operators donate regular allocations to their individual host communities so as to ensure that everyone involved benefits from local gaming operations. And if any single gaming authority is always on time and perfectly happy to make the fruits of its success rain on every community member out there, then that entity is without a doubt the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation.

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Local Municipalities recently again became the lucky beneficiaries of some pretty handsome revenue allocations, with the town of Milton handed a cheque in the amount of a whopping CA$1,710,033. That’s no small-change affair by any standard. Milton’s local authority is now at leisure to decide for itself how best to spend the funds so as to benefit local community members and town infrastructure in general.

About Municipal Contributions

Milton town is of course home to the acclaimed Elements Casino Mohawk, a venue offering exciting offerings ranging from horse racing to top slots. Allocations are distributed by means of gaming revenue being paid to local municipalities by operators that are part of several Municipal Contribution Agreements in place all over the province, and it’s the OLG’s responsibility to ensure that those allocations are duly distributed.

Despite the slight slump in revenue resulting from the cooler winter months; months generally quieter on the gaming front because of cold weather conditions; the size of the allocation isn’t at all for Q3 isn’t at all anything to smirk at. Moreover, Elements Casino Mohawk is widely regarded as being a leading contributor to the local city authority’s bank account. In fact, since its launch some 21 years ago this year (1999), Elements Casino Mohawk has managed to donate a sweltering CA$121 million in municipal allocations to the town of Milton.

Peterborough Benefits Also

But Milton Town wasn’t the only community to recently benefit in a big way from OLG-distributed allocations. The town of Peterborough received CA$780,031 from the OLG for the third quarter of the current financial year.

None other than the famous Shorelines Casino Peterborough makes Peterborough’s gaming revenue allocation possible. Even though the venue only opened its doors for the first time as recently as October 2018, it’s already successfully accrued some CA$3.9 million in allocations. Not bad going at all for a fairly young casino.

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