BCLC Introduces New PlayPlanner Player Tool

By Ben Hamill - September 17 2019

BCLC Introduces New PlayPlanner Player Tool

Many players realise the importance of keeping within their means when playing gambling games and making bets, but not unlike formulating a budget in general, it can be quite daunting a task when one isn’t in possession of the correct budgeting tools. Which is why the BCLC has now made available to its players a tool called PlayPlanner to all of its Encore players.

According to the corporation, many players want to be able to set daily money and time limits but simply don’t know how to go about administrating such a system. PlayPlanner makes it very easy to keep proper track of money and time, even allowing players to set limits and do some necessary money planning ahead of getting down to playing.

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As Easy As 1-2-3

A player would start out by creating a personal profile on PlayPlanner. He or she will then be requested by the system to enter all of the applicable information, including pay limits and the time that they would like to spend playing every day.

Once the limits have been set, the system is then equipped to remind the player once he or she starts to move closer to the initial limits set beforehand. Its all about creating a system that incorporates decisions made whilst not “in the heat of the gaming moment”, so to speak. Players more often than not have money and time limits in mind when entering a casino, but oftentimes lose track of limits once the excitement gets underway. PlayPlanner basically keeps track of all of the necessary information so that the player doesn’t have to.

Early Warning System

Thanks to the system’s play tracker, players are warned beforehand once they start to approach any set limit. The system was designed with healthier play in mind, which is something that stands central to the BCLC.

The BCLC, in addition to PlayPlanner, is also the creative genius behind the GameSense concept. The very same recently won casino giant MGM the recognition it deserves for its own show of personal commitment towards responsible gambling and betting.

The BCLC a short while ago confirmed that management would, for the foreseeable future, be in the capable hands of acting CEO and President Greg Moore. Moore, having stepped down from his position on the BCLC’s board of directors in order to assume the role, will be standing in for Jim Lightbody, who has had to take long medical leave in order to receive life-saving cancer treatment.

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